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There's this guy in one of my classes who seems to have a very sensitive nose. He is absolutely stunning; about 6'2'', NICE build, tan, short dark hair and hazel eyes. I swear to God, he sneezes at least ONCE every class without fail, but today was different...

It's a large lecture class; around 250 people. The guy was sitting in the next to last row and I was sitting in the back row, a few seats over from him, so I had PERFECT line of sight.

It began innocently enough with a few sniffles. My ears pricked up, and I did not remove my eyes from him. His delicious mouth slightly open, he cupped his hands over his nose and rubbed it. This didn't work, apparently. He warned his friend sitting next to him, "I think I'm going to sneeze." My thought was---"Oh, God...PLEASE do!"

And he did. "Ah-ah-ah-CHOO! Ehhh-CHOO! Ehhh-CHOO! Ehhh-COO! AHHHHH CHOO!" He sneezed each without a breath in between, keeping his eyes closed and his hands cupped over his nose.

"Bless you!" many people said, turning around to look.

He removed his hands from his nose, and opened his eyes again, sniffling. His eyes fluttered soon after, and he took a couple short breaths. "AHH-CHOO! AHHH-CHOO! AHHH-CHOOO!" He rubbed his nose vigorously; he had to get his sneezes under control. He was in class for God's sake!

He pinched his nostrils together for a few moments, and then released his hands with an "Ahhh!" and a sniffle.

The guy turned to his friend and said, "Someone must be wearing perfume, because that is the only time I sneeze like this."

He took a couple building breaths, and started to sneeze some more. "AHHH-choo!! AHHH-choo! AHH-choo!" He sniffled, and then tilted his head back before he was overcome by a few more. "AHH-choo! CHOO! CHOO!"

He began stifling them, so you'd hear a buildup and then a khhh! sound. He did a few more of these before he finally decided that he'd had enough, picked up his things, and left the class. He sneezed one more stifle on the way out.

I'm going to wear perfume and sit very close to him next time :lol:

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I am laughing so hard - absolutely delicious obs and your thoughts -

." My thought was---"Oh, God...PLEASE do!"

would have and have been echoed in my own head - Thank you!


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