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Read this before posting ANYTHING


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I am posting this to let everyone know that if you posted something in a particular section and it is gone, then there is a very good possibility that you posted it in the wrong section and I or one of the other moderators or admins has moved it to its proper place. If this happens, please check to see that it has been moved instead of posting it again in the section that it was moved from, as that sort of thing gets rather frustrating after a while.

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Before posting a message asking what has happened to a site, or why something is different etc. etc. etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look around the forum to see if your question has been answered already. Website Announcements is a good place to start with this sort of thing, followed by tech support. If in doubt make use of the Search link at the top of any forum page. By all means report things that haven't been mentioned already if there is a problem with a page, but at least check to make sure it hasn't been mentioned already before you do! Thanks!

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I would also like to ask people to please not reply to posts that are blatantly in violation of the rules, such as brazen flames outside of the Snake Pit, as most likely, those posts would be deleted, and by responding to them, you are only causing the moderators and admins even more work, because that means that that is one more post we have to delete, seeing as your post would be a response to the flame and therefore would not make any sense without the flame or offending post being present.

If you feel that a post is in violation of the rules, there are buttons on top of the posts that you can press to report the post to the moderators. If this system is confusing to you, then you may simply send a private message to either myself, Hypnos, Wrigley, tma, George, Bridge, or sneezelove1(Rob) and we will look over the post and determine if that post is indeed in violation of the rules, and the best course of action for handling said post. :shock:

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