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Supermarket Obs (female)


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This is my first posting & I'm a little nervous, but such a great obs I wanted to share it. I was at the checkout in my local supermarket today when the checkout girl stopped checking my goods & looked straight at my with a wonderful pre-sneeze look, she then started to sneeze. They were in little groups of 3, the 1st 2 in quick succession - choo choo, then a small pause and a aatishooo, with a high pitched ending. I said bless you the first time and she thanked me & said this could go on for a bit, she proceeded to do this almost throughout checking my shopping, stopping & apologising, there was a short gap between each group of 3.

She said this often happens & could sometimes happen in fits for most of a day & she doesn't know what causes it, I made some sort of sympathetic statement and was desparately trying not to seem interested. This has never happened to me before & I'll look out for her when I go there again.

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Thanks for the comments and yes I will be trying to collect as many shopper points as possible, even as I write I'm wondering if there's any more shopping I need, & sorry I can't tell you where the shop is, but I will report back if ever I'm lucky enough to get another wonderful sighting.

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Great obs......but for us numeric geeks...lol :D , how many bags of groceries did u have her bag that day.......and can u estimate how many groups of 3 u saw?



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I suppose I had about 4 or 5 bags of groceries & there were maybe 6 or 7 or more groups of 3 sneezes while I was there. I didn't concentrate on counting just on watching her great sneezes.

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