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Female Obs/interesting story


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Last night,my friend and I were sitting in my room watching a DVD and drinking. We were celebrating the last night of the play we performed in. Anyways, my friend has a very powerful sneeze. She started sniffing and then the next thing I know, she sneezed very loudly. It sounded something like this... HAAAAAAAAAAESHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! After she sneezed, she said, "That was a weird sounding sneeze." Then she grabbed a tissue. Then, after she had polished off several drinks, she said, "Laura, you have the cutest nose ever. It's so perfect and cute." I was really suprised that she said that. I am pretty sure she is not a fetishist. I wonder if she will mention something about my nose again.

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Guest Otoutochan

I guess she's just not as confident about her own nose. :oops: Maybe you should compliment on her nose too. Or.. something. Well, it's a bit late for that now, but yeah. Just take her compliment. lol

- David

(I also think you have the cutest nose ever *winkwink*, with not "too" many weird sounding sneezes hehe..)

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Laura - maybe she liaaakkks you- you know in that way? I don't mean it negatively at all, but it is a possibility. I have had a few female friends fall for me.

Be well - Kitty

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It is very possible she has fallen for me, as she is bisexual. And she HAS told me that if I were gay she would be in love with me. Oh well. I am not gay, and I am really happy where I am in my life and whom I spend it with. She will always be a great friend of mine, and nothing more.


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Awww, that was lovely Laura, and I know that you have a really cute nose because of your cute sneeze.xx :wink:

~ Frankie.

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