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Cute sneeze obs (female)


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Yesterday, I want on a hayride (long story) with a few people at a local farm. The farmer's daughter was getting married to a man from China a few days later, and his family was staying at the farm. Halfway through our hayride, the farmer noticed the groom-to-be's grandmother and cousin out in the woods. We picked them up and continued the hayride. About ten minutes later, I heard the cousin sneeze like "chhhh" four times in a row. They were very polite, quiet sneezes with little or no buildup. She was Chinese, about 30, with long dark hair, and a very cute, round face.

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Thanks for sharing, Merteuil! Good obs. I have to admit I had to read the sentence "noticed the groom-to-be's grandmother and cousin out in the woods" a couple of times to make sure this was a G-rated story, lol!

Thanks again and take good care,


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