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Last time I checked the topic this came from, it had 404 views. I took that as an omen an made it it's own topic.

I've temporarily run out of character ideas. Since I've already broken beyond the 4th wall, I figure why not let someone else enter the Yu Gi Oh universe? So here's the deal: everyone gets to name 1 person from any series that they want to see sneeze, and I'll insert that character into the next chpater. I'll decide who wins by pulling names out of a hat (Or at least, that's what I'm telling you I'll do) since I'm pretty sure no one's going to vote for the same female. Oh, and your submission gets ignored unless I see your name in at least one of my earlier chapters. Take that, you lurkers! *shakes fist* Though maybe if you post in one of them soon, I'll consider considering your vote :P

One last thing: to give adequate time for everyone to vote and for me to actually write the thing, there will be no new chapter this week. Fortunately, this will probably get the episodes back to running on their original time. Now, start writing!

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None that I can think of will fit into the story in any way what so ever, especially since Outlaw Star is set at around the year 2500, and it would just be silly for the Hellsing Organization to have agents playing a card game...

Ahhh what the hell... My vote is quite obvious, but I shall say it anyway! Ceras/Seras/Seres/Celes/Too-many-variations-thereof Victoria from Hellsing.

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