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Okay, as of today, if I start getting an overwhelming number of complaints against you for sharking/harrassing people in a short time, whethe rpublically in the snake pit or through PMs/Email, then I'm just going to put you in the warned group. I'd make a Sneeze Shark group, but I don't have any graphic software right now that can make a graphic to match that group name like the other groups have, even if I did I can't upload it to the server, and I don't feel like dealing with it, and since we never actually used the Warned group before, it can work for this purpose. Once in the Warned Group, you will no longer have access to private messages or other people's profiles; its basically a demotion, so you'll be in the same position as a validating person; only I don't want newbies to be in the same league with you. If you try to bypass this by getting a new account, you get banned. After a while, I might put you back in the members group if enough time has passed to give you another chance, but for now, no reason to let sneeze sharks harrass people privately in the forum.

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Okay, have gotten a few concerned PMs, so just wanted to clear things up about this. I have thought of the possibility that someone might decide to get vindictive and make up some sort of story about being sharked or harrassed by another forum member simply because he/she doesn't like that person and wants to screw up their status on this message board. For that reason, I'm obviously not going to automatically put somoene into the Warned group just because one or two people give vague reports. We're actually going to investigate the matter to the best of our ability and discuss it and come to some kind of a conclusion as to what the best course of action might be before we do anything. Yes, this will take time, but we don't want to rush into things. In general, helpful reports with as much detail as you can get on the person will be the best course of action, including dates, times stuff happened, and whatever else you can tell us. We will then look over what you've given us and discuss the situation; however, this is simply a means to keep sharks form using this forum as a means to harrass members, and we will take care that it will not be used for vindictive members as a means of making innocent parties look bad and ruining their status on the forum. :blushing: Just wanted to clear that up. :wub:

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