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Who would be interested?


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Just feeling really bored, and watching the Royal London Watches Grand Prix, and I thought, do we have any other fetishist snooker fans out there? Because maybe I could write a story about a match, and a player (m, naturally), and a sneezing fit? But obviously, if I am alone in being interested, I shan't do it. So yes, any takers?


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Ooh yes please! I do like snooker, and have often thought about some of the players sneezing (sadly that almost never happens; I think I've seen it once). So you've got one fan here!

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Well, given that I'm a Yank (Yankette? :laugh: ), I've no real idea what snooker is. But what the hell, write the story, educate me! :laugh:

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lol ok, I'll get down and write it sometime soon. Jellyfish, you are v. lucky, I've never seen a snooker player sneeze.

Snooker is like pool, in that it's on a big table with balls and a cue, and you have to pot the balls. But you don't have different balls for each person, you have 15 reds and 6 colours, and both people have to pot red, colour, red, colour, always starting with a red, until there are no reds left and then you do the colours in the order of the number of points you get: 2,3,4,5,6,7 are yellow,green (i think), brown, blue, pink, black. That's probably v. confusing, but yeh, if you just think of it as pool I won't be technical or anything.

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