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Radu's Allergy Problems (M) - (2 Parts)


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, click on this to see the guy that this is about.

Radu was sitting at home working on one of his songs, when Alice, his sweethart, walked into the room. "Hey that sounds really good," commented Alice. "Thanks" was Radu's responce.

All of the sudden, as Alice walked closer Radu's eyes began to shut and his mouth went slack, "Eeh...Eeh" his breath began to hitch. "Is anything wrong?" Alice asked with slight concern. "No, I just thought I was going to sneeze, hold on,........Eeh-Etchoo....Eeh-Etchoo....Eeh-Etchoo."

"Oh, bless you" chimed Alice.

"hh-hold on, i-i'm n-n-not dEeh-Etchoo..done...Eeh-Etchoo...Eeh-Etchoo...Eeh-Etchoo...Etchoo..Etchoo..Eshoo..Choo...Choo...Ehh...Ehh..Eeh...Eeh-EEETTCHOOO, oh man, sorry about that, somethinEeh-Etchoo, sorry, something is bothering my nose.

"Oh, that's ok, could you sing that song you were writing to me?" pleaded Alice. "Sure, ok hold on Eeh-Etchoo...Eeh-Etchoo..Choo..Choo...Eshoo...Eeh-EETTCHOO, sorry"

To be continued...

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"Oh, that's ok, really though, is something wrong?" Alice was now starting to sound a little concerned. "I dunno, I don't think it's a cold, you don't happen to be wearing some sort of new perfume or something, do you?" Radu questioned.

"Um, actually yes, I am" she said realizing she bought new perfume the day before. "Okay, lets see then, try spraying some in my face and we'll see if that's it." Radu comprimised.

So, alice got her perfume out of her bag, and sprayed it directly in Radu's face, immediatly his face got a pre-sneeze expression on it, "OH MY GOD.....EEEHHH....EEEHHHH......EEEEEHHHHH....EEHH-ETCHOO...EEEEHHH-EEETTTCHOOO...Eeh-Etchoo..Eeh-Etchoo..Eeh-Etchoo oh fuck, wow Eeh Etchoo, that is some strong stuff, and I th-think t-t-t Eeh-Etchoo that's what I'm allergic too." Radu sneezed about 10 more times, and then his nose finally quit.

"Wow, you sure are cute when you sneeze like that" remarked Alice. "Really you think so?" asked Radu. "Yea, I never realized how attractive you are till now" laughed Alice nervously.

"If you want, I'll let you make me sneeze" said Radu. "No, that would be mean" was Alice's reply, although she really did want to. "No, really, come on, and bring the perfume" Radu insisted. So he led her upstairs into his bedroom. "Now, spray that in my face" he instructed. So she did. "Oh man, FUCK THAT STUFF IS S-S-STRO....EEHHH-EETTCHOO....EEH-ETCHOO...Eeh-Etchoo...Eeh-Etchoo that is strong." Radu then continued to sneeze for about 40 more times, then it was all over. He was exausted, and Alice was too excited to know what to do.

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So I've guessing Alice has the fetish? Or am I just reading things wrong again? :D Nice story, keep up the good work! Radu's fits are amazing!

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