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Wondering about posting "obs" that...


Conversation-only-obs - yes or no?  

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  1. 1. Should I post obs that are conversation-only?

    • Yes
    • No

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... if you know what I mean.

For instance, I had a fun conversation with my colleague on the phone today and he was telling me all about his yummy cold (this is the one that sneezed on the phone the other day and I posted about, although at the time I thought it was a random sneeze, I didn't realise he was coming down with a cold, if I'd known I'd have been phoning him every day!)

I would enjoy reading that kind of obs from someone else, even though there's no actual immediate sneezing, it would make me THINK about the sneezing!

But I didn't want to post that sort of obs on the obs board and get told off... so I thought I had better find out if people want to read that stuff first?

For me, a nice conversation about sneezing, allergies or a cold is a big turn on because my imagination adds the sneezing, sort of, but I'm not sure if that's just me...


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I voted yes because I'm pretty sure I've done this before,a nd no one yelled at me! Of cuorse, it may have been because the person I was talking to mentioned a self-observation or two. But, I don't see anything wrong with it at all. Lots of people around here also enjoy the talking part, too!

Just my opinion! :yes:

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Ooh, well, I'd definately love giving that a read...So count that as a yes vote, since I can't actually vote. =P

Sneezy conversations are great in my book..It's as good as an actual sneeze itself, for me, at least.

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Please forgive my tendancy to be overly literal. I assure that it frustrates lots of people! But I thought you meant should you post obs that are only based on conversations, as opposed to an obs where no one says anything. After reading all the responses, I think I get what you mean now. *smacks head* So I voted yes, but honestly I'd say post any obs at all!

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It's been done before, and no one will mind as long as it relates to sneezing in some way or another.

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I'm a yes girl too ^.^ I gotta admit, whenever I wanna throw in a talk about sneezing even though there are no immediate sneezes in it, I just throw in an obs from around that time, not to disappoint ;)

In fact my very recent 18 page article :lol: (me? ramble? nawh!) about how I wanted to sneeze on campus and heck, didn't sneeze at all :cry: well, the fact I procrastinated in writing it ended up insuring that I had a sneeze in there (5 actually :blink: still stunned by the whole incident) but heck, I'd have written it without the sneezing too had I written it when I originally planned to.

I say go for it :laugh: just make sure to mention it somewhere in the title as to not have people with pitchforks chasing you 'round the forum :laugh:

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