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This is the first time I can remember anyone asking about it without having been warned first. But it's a great question and is going to be a sticky topic when I am done writing this response :yes:

The warnings system is just a way for members and staff to keep track of member violations of the Constitution. When you registered for the Sneeze Fetish Forum, you agreed to abide by the rules of conduct set out in our Constitution. In addition, there are rules specific to each of the subforums that are noted in sticky topics within every forum. All of these rules and guidelines are easily accessible and we make every effort to inform new members of them. They may be tedious to read, but they exist for the safety and wellbeing of each and every member of the Sneeze Fetish Forum.

The warnings work like this: When you break a Constitution rule and/or a guideline, you get a warning. The warning is visible to only yourself and the staff of the Sneeze Fetish Forum. No one else can see your personal warning bar. Click on it and you can see the details of your warning. (You should have also received a PM or an email [if you are still Pending] when you were warned, outlining the reasons why and inviting you to contact a stafff member if you have any concerns). Warnings are reversible and may be removed by the staff at a later date if good behaviour/positive contributions to the community are noted. Generally, the staff are not very concerned about members with warning levels of 10-20%. Lots of members have warning levels sitting at 10%. However, once you pass the 30% mark, particularly if the violations are always the same/similar, we usually re-evaluate and re-consider your membership on the forums.

By far, the most common offences that result in warnings are:

1. Posts by U18 members in topics marked "18+";

2. Sexual remarks/connotations made by 18+ members towards U18 members;

3. Flames outside of the Snake Pit.

You can avoid having any warnings applied to your account by ensuring that you thorougly read and understand the Constitution and the guidelines within each separate forum. Don't be afraid to post questions here in the Support forum or PM any of the staff if you have any questions. We are here to help! Contrary to how members may feel sometimes, we do not enjoy warning members, nor do we engage in it as any kind of sport - as Hypnos says in the Constitution, "This is a happy forum". Let's all work to keep it this way :)

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