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Looking for a co-author

Guest iffthelurker

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Guest iffthelurker

I'm nervous as anything about asking this, but...

Here's the deal. I'm going through some stuff that's making it very hard for me to write without some kind of prompting (my muses all freeze up on me if I try to make them talk with just each other), but I'm feeling an intense need to write and I'm hoping someone would be willing to work with me.

I write almost exclusively m/m, and primarily in various anime fandoms. I'm needing to do some mindless fluff...not necessarily smut, although I could go there too, but I can not handle angst (one of the reasons "Chasing Winter's Chill" is on hold for just a bit...and I promise that it is[/is] just a bit!) or mindgames right now. I prefer coldfic, but I wouldn't kick an allergic bishie out of bed for eating cookies. And I need someone who is willing to stick with it, or tell me flat out that they're wanting to end if they get to that point.

I'd want to do this over email during the day (because I can't IM or poke around on the web much from work) but can move to IM once I'm home if that's more comfortable.

Series that I feel comfortable enough to write in:

WeiƟ Kreuz

Wolf's Rain

Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness



several of the CLAMP series/universes (CCS, X, TB, CLAMP School, Legal Drug)

Haru wo Daiteita/Embracing Love

Kaikan Phrase/Sensual Phrase (I lean towards the animeverse rather than the mangaverse)


Meine Liebe

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de


Gundam Wing (5, 6, or 13 in any combination)

Gundam Seed (not Destiny yet, haven't seen far enough in to it)

Prince of Tennis

Kyou Kara Maoh

Fruits Basket

Babylon 5 (non-anime)

Pros (non-anime)

The Sentinel (non-anime)

and if it's an anime/manga series not in this list and you think you might want to try, please ask because there's a ton of stuff I'm leaving out that I'd just need to refresh my memory on. All of the non-anime I'd need to dig through my tapes (yes *blush* tapes) for a little bit to get the boys back in my head.

I've got a couple of things up on the archive for the sneezefic yahoogroup if you want to see what my writing's like.

If anyone's interested or has any questions about what I will/won't write, please let me know, either here or with email me.

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