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Sneezing obs in French


Will I get yelled at ...  

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  1. 1. ... if I post obs in French with no English translation?

    • No, I love French Sneezing Obs, post away!
    • Yes, if you post an obs in French I want to see an English version too!

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Guys and girls,

I am dying to write some sneezing observations in French. And I'm not entirely sure I want to post an English version as well.

But I also have this Huge Fear of getting told off, if I get warnings on a forum I usually cry, so I wanted to sound you out first and find out if I'm gonna get yelled at.

I hope it's OK to post this in General Discussion, please don't yell at me for that either!




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I don't think anyone is going to yell at you if you make a mistake... I think warnings are reserved for breaking the rules with bad behaviour, which I don't think you would be doing... but maybe ask a mod about this kind of stuff, I'm not 100% sure. I would also be really upset if I got a warning! :laugh:

In regards to your question, I voted for #2, because my French really is very basic, and I think I would only be able to translate a few words or simple sentences. So... if it wasn't in English, I'd be a bit lost.

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Well, I didn't really vote, because I have a pretty good grasp at reading French, so I could probably understand your obs. I don't think you'd get yelled at, but there would be a lot of people who might not be able to read it if it was only in French, so you may not get as many replies, that's all.

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Two reasons for posting in French:

1. I have a secondary fetish for French language :o

2. The constitution of this forum does not prohibit posting in French (or any other language).

But be aware that - unless a volunteer steps up and translates into English - your audience will be rather limited.

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French is adding some extra 'cachet' to a sneeze obs.

OK for me as I will understand it perfectly.

As for the many Americans, British, ... I would say : have the text translated by 'Systran'.

Big fun !

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This is an English-speaking forum, so if you're going to post something, please do so in English. :o No, you won't get a warning for posting it in other languages (unless you think you can otherwise break the rules by doing so), but what would be the point? I know that I personally don't speak or read French, and I'm sure that plenty of other people would be in the same boat as well. At the very least an English version should be posted. :D

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I'd love to practise my french by reading your obs (honestly, what more enjoyable practise could I find) but an english translation would be pretty essential for most people on the forum I'd guess.

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You should do whatever you want. Freedom of expression. Saying that, the majority of people here speak English bettter than anything so an english version could be good.

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et... si je peux qqch ajouter, je vais un "obs" en fran├žais aimer. beaucoup. :)

je m'excuse, ma fran├žais n'est pas si bon que mon anglais ou allemand, mais je pense que tu vas me comprendre ;)

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Sure, post it in French! I can understand a pretty good deal of French, so I'd read it. I may comment back in ENGLISH because hey, I said I could UNDERSTAND French, not write it! :yes:

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Wow I'd really like to read an obs in French! I guess it would be nice to have it in English for what I assume must be the majority of members who don't read French, but to me personally it doesn't matter...

Estrelleta x

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