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A day in the Life of a Diva


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Note: This is just a little teaser of a fic I'm working on, I'm not even sure if we have any WWE fans on here, but I guess we'll see :drool:

Mickie wiped her nose as she walked down the hallway. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but her nose had been extremely tickly as of late. She had interview space with Maria coming up, and her worse fear would be to sneeze on national television. True she hasn’t sneezed yet from this tickle, but better safe than sorry she thought. She saw a ladies room and walked by a stagehand, avoiding eye contact, and walked in the bathroom. She did a quick scan of the room and only saw 1 other person, Candice Michelle. Candice had turned when she saw Mickie and smiled.

“Hey Mickie” spoke Candice. “Shouldn’t you be with Maria?” Candice had gone back to doing her make-up in a mirror.

“Yea I should, but my damn nose is tickling me really bad” Mickie stopped beside Candice, looking in the adjacent mirror. Mickie didn’t notice that Candice had a devilish smirk on her face.

“Oh really? Well the last thing you want to do is go live with an itchy nose. All those people watching you, and not to mention being distracted by that tickle. A lot of things could contribute to a bad spot, and you know as well as I do that Mr. McMahon is watching for talent to really show their assets. I don’t think he’d approve of you, or anyone for that matter, giving a sneeze on Raw.” Candice was smiling as she spoke, Mickie’s mind was racing.

Mickie glared at Candice for a second, and then rubbed her nose a little harder than needed, causing it to redden a bit. Candice saw this and smiled a bit more.

“Oh, now look at that, your poor little nose is getting raw, but don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing for that.” Candice reached in her purse and pulled out a powder cushion. Mickie’s. eyes widen, wondering what Candice was up to…

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YEA there are certanly wwe fans over,, at least 1. There more stories about wwe divas here, and also some of Yonathan Coachman.

Great storie :-)

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Wow, I totally forgot about this. Well we could have a little fun with this....why don't we see if someone can continue this, then someone else and so on.

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