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Anyone else got a cant get rid of cold ??


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I have now had this cold for 7 days ... and everytime it seems to be getting better and my nose is recovering then .. I sneeze (at least 3) and nose fills and my cold retums ..... Now its not that I don't like sneezing (as some of you know) ... BUT is anyone else sufferieng with a can't get rid of cold ???

Love to hear ... and may need some mroe hankies soon as well ;)

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I sneeze (at least 3) and nose fills and my cold retums .....

Infected sinuses may be the cause. Get yourself a towel and a bowl of boiling water with some eucalyptus and inhale. Nose will be happy. And keep the hankies ready !

MY problem is that I do not seem to be able to CATCH a cold ... ;) .


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I don't have a cold at the moment. Countless I think if you are around someone with a cold long enough then you might catch one. Personally as much as I love noseblowing I wouldn't want to catch a cold, but good luck with trying to catch one and hankyhonk I hope you get better soon.

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Guest sneezgrrl

You're not the only one! One of my friends has had a cold for over 2 weeks now and cant seem to shake it, and my boyfriend just had the flu and cant seem to get over it. Seems to be going around! Hope you feel better soon!

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