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Dumb question for those who write stories


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For those of you who write original sneeze fiction, do you ever try to base your sneezers on people in your real life that you want to see sneeze? I was just wondering, since I try to do this sometimes when I write my own stuff. (Which will probably never be posted here unless I get a major self-esteem boost)

Just asking... :bleh:

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The one and only sneeze fic I wrote had characters heavily based on (read: modeled after :bleh:) myself and D. So I agree with Aku; that writers write what they know ^_^

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Writers write what they know, in my opinion. Most of my original characters do have SOME basis from a "real" person. :bleh:

Yeah, pretty much what Aku said! ^_^

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My orginal characters that are "modern era"- I definately know that they are based on real life people. As I'm sure that other's would attest to it is a "starting point" but then the characters take on their own personality.

Some of my Regency era stuff- based on my fantasy image of my "ideal" Regency gent which began Many years ago as my idealized image of what I wanted in a guy. *I have since learned that it is what I want in a Fictional guy. lol! :bleh:* I have evolved this one particular character over time to where it is the same character in different settings- but honing his personality as I am getting to know him. *if that makes Any sense*

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Actually, one of the reasons that I almost never write Obs. is that I like to save them for transfer into fics I write. The other reason is that I'm really lazy, for those of you who were wondering >_>

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Since I don't really write sneeze fetish fiction that much anymore (maybe one every couple of years :) ) this post might be a bit off topic, but I still still wanted to answer the question and give my own two cents. :P

Whether for sneeze fetish fiction or "normal" fiction, I generally try to avoid writing about people I know or creating characters based on people I know, especially people off the net, as much as possible for the most part. Sometimes (though definitely not always :P )some of my protagonists (in my non-fetish stories) resemble me to a certain extent, while other times I might make characters who are in some way the complete opposite of one of my major personality traits, such as having a character thriving on something that I personally would fear, find disgusting, etc. Other times the characters are a certain way because whatever story I am writing requires that they be a certain way. And I also sometimes like to write about characters who are just really fucked up, extremist, or otherwise bizarre in some way, so I'd think of a character that is just really messed up in some way, build upon his insanity so that he has at least some depth (to the extent that I can give him depth and make him more than just some kind of caricature, considering that most of my stories are around 20-50 pages), and then figure out what kind of a story I can put him or her into. Obiviously, characters in this third category are people that I probably would never want to meet if they existed in real life; however, they're still fun to write about and if someone else wrote them I'd probably get a kick out of reading it. :bleh:

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I definitely tend to base it on sneezes I've observed in real life, although imagination always plays a part.

Since meeting my husband, and being able to "examine" and pick up details of his sneeze, I definitely use elements in my characters -- his way of staring into the light and blinking with lips parted to bring on a sneeze. He's also the first and only man I've ever met who actually catches several little breaths in a row before he sneezes, which I've been tempted to bring back into my fiction.

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