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Ok, this is my first acutal fiction story. It was sorta inspired by a manga that a friend lent me, but it's too different to be considered a fanfiction. It's m/m but very G rated. Beware of typos!!! :)



Akira sat across from Shou as they studied. Well... as Akira studied was more the truth. Akira knew full well that Shou didn't have to study. Shou was the kind of person who could take anything in strides, while Akira struggled to keep up. He watched Shou sitting there, his head propped up on his arm, eyes gliding over the material he already knew. Akira smiled to himself. He knew the only reason Shou was here was because he wanted to spend time with him.

Ever since Akira had moved to the estate Shou had insisted on doing everything with him. It was amazing how the cold, stand-offish teen seen by everyone at school could be so protecting and sweet when alone with him. With a shake of his head Akira brough himself back to his senses. He really should be studying, espically if Shou was willing to waste his evening to keep him company. Akira turned his attention back to his book. Chapter 1: An Introduction to the English Language. English is broken up into several different--


Akira looked up and saw Shou bringing his fist away from his face. "Are you alright?" Akira asked.

"Fine," Shou replied in his usual calm voice.

"Are you sure? Your not comming down with a cold are you?" Akira couldn't help but remember Shou's tendancy to fall asleep outside on the porch or in the yard.

"Yes, I'm fine," Shou replied.

"That's good," said Akira with a sigh of relief. "Besides one sneeze dosen't mean anything. They say that three sneezes mean you have a col--

"Hachoo! Ehshoo!!" Shou sneezed into his fist again.

"Shou?" Akira began "Are you sure your--"

"Yes, I'm fine," Shou replied a little colder than before. His grey eyes staring into Akira's dark ones until he turned away with another, wetter sounding "Isshoo!!" He looked back at Akira who looked like he was going to protest and said, ever firmer "I'm fine."

"Ok...if you say so," Akira mumbled.

Shou always had a way of making him feel small and vulnerable.... always the one to make HIM feel akward and embarassed. Everything about Shou was dominating... his voice, his attitude... and not just with Akira, but with everyone in the house hold. All the servants, even Mr.Kanzaka, the head of house hold affairs and security, who only listened to Grandmother did what Shou wanted.

The two of them sat in slience for a while. Shou was again reading the textbook, but Akira was keeping his eye of Shou, whose nose was begining to get a pink tinge to it due to the quick rubs Shou would give it every few minutes.

Akira decided he would go open the window and give Shou a moment to get control over his nose in private. Akira crossed the room and as soon as he began sliding open the window he heard a few strong sniffs. Akira rolled his eyes and shook his head. Shou just couldn't admit he was sick, he really was childish sometimes. Akira returned to his seat and picked up his book; skimming the page for where he had left off. As soon as he found it a gust of wind swept into the room scattering his papers all over the floor.

"Ah!' Akira jumped up and quickly began to gather his notes. Shou gatherd the papers that had been tossed about the table and placed them under his book so they wouldn't fly away again. When Akira returned he did the same; shooting Shou a gratefull smile which faded almost immediatly when he saw Shou shaking.

"Shou, are you alright?!" Akira asked concerned.

Shou shot him an angry look, "I'm f-fine."

"No your not, your shivering!" Akira said as he came around the table.

He reached up to feel Shou's forhead when Shou turned away and let out a powerful "eh-Ehshoo!!" Shou let out a sigh and gave a small sniff, his anger disolving

Akira reached out and felt Shou's forhead. "Your burning up!"

Shou gave another sniff and scooted closer to Akira. "C-cold" he whispered.

"Here, come on," Akira said as he helped Shou to his feet, one of Shou's arms around his shoulder. "Come over to the bed." Akira got Shou to the bed and hurriedly went to shut the window. When he came back to the bed he found Shou curled up in a ball on top of the covers.

"Still cold?" Akira asked. Taking a seat on the bed beside Shou.

"Uh-y-yeah...huh...Ehsshooo!!" He brought his head down into his hand and gave another miserable sounding sniff followed by a full body tremor.

Akira pulled back the covers as far as he could with Shou laying on top. "Here, get under." Akira helped Shou put his legs under the blankets.

"L-lay with me?" Shou asked.

"Sure," Akira said quitely. He got under the covers, Shou snuggling up close to him; and even though Shou's eyes were closed Akira gave his a soft smile. "Goodnight," he whispered.

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What a nice story; but there must be more to come; I suspect with more naughtiness as well as wrongness,.

The background to this is intriguing; how have the two come together, and where?

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Thanks for the kind words :yes: and actually, I was playing around with another story,not a second chapter though. (I think I'll just leave well enough alone with this one) But same characters and stuff.... I guess I could finish it and put it up here. .....I'll try to make it explain a little more about them, and their relationship.

When I first started thinking about this story it was going to be a fanfic from a yaoi a friend lent me (can't remember the title) but then I decided against it and just wrote my own thing, although I can't say I wasn't influenced by the manga. Its main characters have a mysterious relationship too. But anyway I'll quit rambling now, and I'll try and add more info into the next one. :D

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