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Drawings inspired by the recent talk of dragons


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Okay, with all the talk of Dragontales and Eureka's Castle I got the idea of dragons sneezing stuck in my head. So I scribbled these out this afternoon. It's some dragon (I made up, no specific character) in various sneeze related poses. They're nothing spectacular, they're not even coloured but I had to get it out of my system. I was obsessed by dragons sneezing as a kid (especially the one in the Yosemite Sam cartoon, but I digress...)

Hope you all enjoy...



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Cute indeed, though personally I've always considered dragons to focus more on the build ;P Though hopefully this should help my friend whom I was requesting art from :3

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This is amazing. :bleh:

Any chance you could draw a full sneeze, like from buildup to finish? If you don't want to, that's okay, but it would be pretty cool. :D

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Haha! Awesome!

Seems funny though. Sneezing, dragons and comdey seem to go hand in hand...in hand. Never understood that connection.

Cool drawings! :D

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