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title: Grey’s Fanfic addy.jpg

Grey_Addision_136.jpgAuthor: Me!

Disclaimer: ABC owns these characters, I’m not getting $$$ from this


Authors Notes: My first stab at writing a fanfic, so if it’s bad..sorry

By the end of her 20 hour shift, Addison was exhausted. The holidays brought more patients then ever to Seattle Grace hospital, meaning that Addison had to work overtime.

She decided to hit Joe’s Bar to relax before coming back to her next shift, which was in a couple of hours. Joe’s Bar was right across the street from Seattle Grace, within walking distance.

It was 7pm, and snowing lightly. The bar was just starting to get busy. Addison sat down on the soft leather seats by the counter.

“Hey, Addi, haven’t seen you in a while,” said Joe, as he was putting glasses away. “What’ll have tonight?”

“I’ll have a Shirley temple.” And upon Joe’s raised eyebrows, she replied, “I have a shift in an hour.”

“Ah, I see. Be right with you in a sec.”

The door swung open, and in walked Meredith, with Addison’s Ex-husband, Derek. Addison started to get that sick feeling in her stomach whenever she saw them together. She turned away, hoping they would not see her.

“Here you go” Said Joe, bringing back the Shirley Temple. He frowned. “Hey, what’s up? You don’t look so well.”

The truth was that she didn’t feel well. Her head had been aching all day, and her throat was starting to get sore. But she forced a small smile.

“Oh, it’s just been a long day,” she replied. She finished her Shirley Temple, and turned around to see Derek and Meredith still there, talking and laughing. Sighing, she got up, to go back to the hospital. Even though she still had some time left on her break, she rather spend it at work. Instead of here, with them.

Brushing by the crowded aisles between the tables, a small, little itch had worked its way into her nose. She rubbed her nose, thinking nothing of it. But suddenly, without warning, the small tickle became bigger and more intense.

Eiy-CHOO!” she sneezed, the force causing her head to snap forward. Her long red hair spilled out.

Great, she thought, sniffing. It was loud, and most people had heard it, and were saying “Bless you.” Embarrassed, she hurried out into the cold night.


I look like a mess, she thought, as she arrived back. It was now snowing heavily outside, and she was freezing cold and wet. Seattle always had unpredictable weather. Hurrying to the locker room, she started to change out of her wet clothes.

Another small tickle was invading her nose. She paused, as the tickle grew larger. She prepared herself for another explosive sneeze.

Then, it faded, leaving Addison frustrated and congested. She finished changing, and shut her locker.

Suddenly, the tickle reappeared. Her nose itched as if it was on fire, and she silently urged it to come out.

He-CHOO!” she sneezed. It was especially loud because she didn’t have time to cover her mouth. She felt another one coming.

Eh-SHOO!” she sneezed. This time it was muffled, but still strong as well.

She sniffed again, and rubbed her nose. She needed a tissue badly. Walking into the Ladies bathroom, she rolled down some paper towels. It was a poor substitute, but she was desperate.

She used up two sheets, wincing as the rough paper rubbed against her raw nose. She stared at herself in the mirror. Her face was pale, and her nose was as red as her hair.

She should probably just go home. She was feeling worse by the minute. Glancing at her watch, she noticed it was 7:36 pm. Her shift would start in less than half an hour. She couldn’t go walking around a hospital coughing and sneezing all over the place. Smoothing out her hair, she exited the bathroom, and headed toward the Chief’s office.


She knocked once. “Come in,” replied a weary voice.

She walked in. The Chief was sitting there at his desk, looking tired. He beckoned Addison to sit. “You knocked?”

“Yes. I was wondering if I could get a sick day,” she asked.

He raised his eyebrows. “Another day for drinking…?”

“No…this time I’m actually sick.” she replied, remembering how she had took a day off last time, and gotten drunk at Joe’s.

The Chief sighed. “You know, you’re the 3rd person to ask me this today.” Addison blanched in surprise. “Yes, this morning, George came in here, sniffling and asking for a sick day. Than later this afternoon, Izzy came too, looking awful, begging for the day off. Something must be going around.”

“But” he continued, “You can go home if you are feeling poorly. It’s not a good idea to go around a hospital sick.”

“Thank you” she said, grateful, as she got up. She left, and headed back to the locker rooms to gather her stuff.

When she entered, she wasn’t alone. Alex and Meredith were changing out of their scrubs, preparing to go home too. Walking by, Addison opened her locker, grabbing her purse and belongings. She was putting on her coat, when she felt that horrible familiar tickle plaguing her sinuses. She desperately didn’t want to sneeze, with other people in the room. She hated her sneezes, they were loud and explosive. Pinching her nose, she willed the tickle to disappear. But far from it, the tickle grew bigger. She fumbled with her coat, holding her breath. Just as she rose up, her nose twitched violently, and began to run.

she sneezed. Her nose kept tickling.

“[i]Eh-SHOO!” Her nostrils flared, as her breath quickened.

Heh..heh…heh heh…[b]Het-CHOOOO!”She sniffed several times, and walked quickly out of the locker room. Just as the door was swinging shut, she heard Meredith’s faint “Bless you.”

As she headed toward the main doors, she saw Dr. Burke walking back.

“Hi” she greeted him as he approached. “Didn’t your shift just end??”

“Yes, but nobody can leave.” He saw Addison’s confused expression. “Didn’t you hear? We’re snowed in.”

Yes, a little cheesy..but w/e lol

Next part will be up soonish :)

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