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For Superhero R and Umeko


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It seems I'm doing exactly what I didn't want to do, and breaking these up into a million posts! But it only seems fair to the people who requested things, that I put these up as soon as they're ready.

I'm kinda shocked as to the wonderful response my "nonhuman" drawings have gotten proud.gif I might admit to a little regret that my very first drawings (Inuyasha) weren't as popular but shoot, I'm not complaining!

Okay, for Superhero R: Brian Griffin from Family Guy. Now I really tried to get the character right...and you very much had a specific image of what you wanted to see, and all I can hope is that I haven't ruined that image for you forever! bleh.gif


Okay, for Umeko. I decided on an elephant because...I've done dragons very recently, and I can't work out how a whale might sneeze. Plus elephants are always fun to draw sneezing! biggrin.png Since I didn't ask you if you preferred build up or sneeze, I did both!



A final note to anyone else wanting to see artwork: I'm running out of ways to depict a buildup and there's the danger of all the comics starting to look alike (the last two were dangerously similar) so I would be SO very happy to just do single pics for a while! biggrin.png

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wheeee thank you SO much! I've been dying to see Brian sneeze and you did a great job with it ^^ I greatly appreciate your work and I LOVE the pic! Oh and the elephants you did there were great too. :P

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:) Beautiful! I would love to see another elephant one, holding in a sneeze with it's trunk. :) Take your time, I hope we're not overworking you with all the requests! :P
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Yay Comics!!!! :) (and more build ups!!!) The elephant one is so cute, I love how he jumps off the ground...and the guy with the umbrella AWESOME!!!! I love his ¬_¬ face!!!!

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