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Miroku sketch


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So, here it is, my first Miroku! He's more in the manga style than the anime, but it's Miroku none the less. This is for everyone to enjoy but especially Shiranui and Kawaiikitty! Kawaiikitty! gave me scans which made it possible for me to do this, so thanks sooooo much and hope it's alright hug.gif


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Guest shiranui

OMG! That's so freaking amazing :heart: I absolutely loved this Ana. What a good thing to wake up to late a Sunday morning :P

Yes, it's Miroku alright, I love him both anime-, manga-, and Ana-style :heart: He's perfect, and I love the expression of his face.

Thank's SO much, you're such a sweetheart :omg:

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There's fireworks where my head used to be...

I'll send you the repair bill for the person-shaped hole in the ceiling above my computer! :heart:

That was the best thing to see on such a gloomy Sunday morning! And in my opinion, the hair...really well done. I know that's an odd thing to compliment, but I couldn't help noticing how good it was! :P

I certainly hope you have loads of time to draw after your exams are finished, I can't wait to see what you do next!

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:) Gah!!!!! You guys are soooooo sweet!!!!! :blushing: ("Ana-style" I love it!!!! :) ) Thanks for the compliments guys!!! And a big thanks for the one on his hair Kawaiikitty! The reason it wasn't up here sooner was because there was something wrong with the pic, and I just couln't put my finger on it, so I changed his hair a little and YAY!!!! It looked better!!! :P I'll be sure to get started on some more pics soon...I'm still in an inuyasha mood, so there will be more Inuyasha characters to come. Thanks again :hug:
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