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Story Trade / Email RP Partner - Request List

Liberty Belle

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Looking for a story trade / (email-based) roleplay about any of the following...

-- post-apocalyptic soldier (yes, still. I'm a glutton)

-- medieval / fairytale setting with a soldier / castle guard / knight errant

-- bodyguard

-- bouncer

Would prefer to do "original" themes / characters in return, but will consider a fandom if I'm really familiar with it. I only write male hetero fic, sorry. :)

Gmail has a "docs" feature that allows multiple people to collaborate on the same document, which might be a much more clean and convenient way to do a cooperative story or RP than regular email.

PM's don't seem to work for me here (I'm still 'pending' for some reason, so if anyone wants to email me, it's in my profile.

Mod Note: Edited to remove contact info ~Mute

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