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It's me again with a request


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So I really really really REALLY dont expect someone to write this but just in case the sneeze fic gods are on my side Ill ask

So who likes Jem and the holograms. You know " jem , jem shes truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous."

dont deny it you watched it as a kid. ( unless you are once of those new pepople here that are between the ages 17 20) Anyway. I dont just want a Jem Fic I want a jem fic featuring Riot from the sticngers.

And if you dont know who that is then dont worry. but if you do and you want to write me a fan fic about Riot getting a cold and giving it rapture or Minx then that is a hot idea.

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Omg... freakin' Jem. XD We had Jem dolls. HAHA~

And I'm sorry I can't write the story for you. ^_^;; I don't even remember the Stingers, just the Misfits 'cause they were in the opening. "We are the Misfits, are songs are better, we are the Misfits, we're gonna get 'er! >O" Haha... hmm...

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