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Ryuuke sketches

Teh Ninjin

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I drew Ryuuke again. Mainly for Kisa-chan, and Hippo. These sketches aren't very good, because I didn't put much thought or effort into them. So yay. I hope you like them. Drawing torturous sketches of Ryuuke is fun. XD

Ryuu caught yet another cold and he's miserable. So I'll sketch more later. But for now, two will do right?



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I sure am glad I'm typing instead of talking because if I tried to speak right now it would sound like


I don't know who's that (is that any surprise!) but I sure do like the first one. It makes me want to yell "GIIIII" and hug my computer screen (for some reason).

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AWWW! RYUU-KUUUUN! Look at his adorableness!!! ^_^ (Bwahaha, look at hims butt! *CHOMP!*) Merow, I lovelovelove him and you did an excellent job. *glomps and loves on* :) And nummynummy nekkid sneezy face = FIREPANTS! ~Love you!!

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Kitty-chan, Ryuuke is a character I made, and formed into quite the sneezy one for Kisa. Because I love Kisa. She's my buddy <3

Fwee~ You are too Kitty-chan <3

but. yeah. I made him up. and he's lovable and sweet

I recorded VA clips as him.


OH! Kisa-chan! Be careful! Don't love on him too much, he's weak...an used up like..ten tissue boxes o_O;


I have a new VA clip <3 if you want to hear it Kisa.

Because you love him so much

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