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ZOMG ArtSpam (M)


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Me posting fetish art consistently? Unheard of! Here's some FMA and Hellsing poo for you. Envy and Captain Haaaans because I wish to bone them both. Uhhh I guess there's spoilers in the Captain one, but the chapter came out, like, a year ago, so pleh.


Because I don't know what gets you going, but me? Pissy androgynous homunculi all stuffed up and sickish and sneezing under blankets. Oh baby.


Captain's a werewolf, for those of you who are hideously confused XD I didn't just toss puppies in gratuitously. BUT I COULD HAVE.

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YAY!!!! more garnet artwork :) You can ArtSpam me anytime, Garnet ;) hehehe

Thanks for sharing once again!!

Yes, I agree ArtSpam away!!!!!! These are so great!!!!

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Ok, I never actually saw much sexness going in Envy, but this sketch of him is quickly making me change my mind! He's the HOTS! It's a superb sneeze expression, with the tossing of hair and all. I even like how only half of him is colored-in and the rest is fading...looks like he sneezed himself into being =)

And the rest...God, but I LOVE your lines. The wolf is so well drawn he's practically tangible. HUGE love on your art.

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"Sneezed himself into being". Omg, Chate! XDDD I almost died! That's my new favorite phrase EVER. Thank you so much, doll! You know I adore your art right back 8)

Mmm. Artfrot.


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