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Seeing as how a lot of our members seem to think of youtube as their own personal playground, and I'm guessing that many of those who just sneeze alone for the camera are communnity members, I'm curious as to how you would feel if I decided to base a drawing off of your videos? I'm trying to stop using copywritten images...but it's hard to tell sometimes whether or not a person in a video is "one of us." The one I'm thinking of doing is not induced, and is a male. I'm just wondering how ethical this is....but, I mean, then again....you put the video up. :wheels:

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I agree. There's nothing wrong with drawing from real life -- most art teachers insist on it! And it's not like you're gonna make any money or anything.

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In my opinion, that wouldn't be any different from people who draw fanart based on fictional characters someone else created.

It's not for profit and it's not intended to cause harm to anyone, so it's not a bad thing.

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