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first post (M + F obs)

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hey ..this is my first post ever so i thought id start out with some obs. these are just some that i remember over the years. most of them are male since (unfortunately for me) i always seem to see so many more male sneezes than female ones. but whatever here goes.

1. (M) about two years ago i was in cape cod with my family visiting family friends at their house near the beach which was pretty nice. the daughter of my moms friend was pretty hot (even though she was about 23 and i was 15 haha plus she had a boyfriend). her boyfriend was there too and he was a good looking guy. my mom was saying to her friends that he was "magazine cute" which was kinda awkward. he was tall with short brown hair. anyway so we all rented a movie and i watched it with the daughter and her boyfriend. during the movie he started to sneeze. i don't really remember what they sounded like. they were kinda wet and loud. he did this about every 30 seconds to a minute and his girlfriend was saying something like "Stop sneezing into the blanket!" (because he was haha) he responded like "I'm not !" but then he sneezed into the blanket again haha it was funny. The next morning he had another fit about about 5 sneezes and his girlfriend was like "Yeah, I used to always get these fits in the morning but i guess i have passed it onto him !" That sucked...haha

2. (F) There is this girl in my grade who a lot of my friends and I used to think was really hot but shes downgraded over the years. what can you do. you win some you lose some right? well shes still pretty and she is in one of my classes. she has this really cute thing where she will sneeze about 7 times in a row very fast, but it doesn't sound like one of those mousy sneezes which i don't really like. I'm gonna be really bad at spelling but shell start out like : Hat-choo, tchoo, tchoo.. and so on until she decides to stop. a lot of people (including me) tease her about it because its pretty funny. it sucks she has to always do it in the middle of class because then i have a hard time concentrating.

I think ill leave it at that for now and see if i am doing a really bad job at these haa ill post more if they're not too terrible. so yeah that was my first post ..hope you guys liked it

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Aw, into the blanket! I find that so cute for some reason...

Welcome to the forum and thanks for a great first obs.

Yeah, what shy_obsession said! I really have this fantasy about guys sneezing into blankets. In fact, that's why I've enjoyed making fleece blankets for all of my "sneezy guy friends" lately. :hug: I can just imagine them sneezing in to their blankets!

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Fun post ^.^= welcome to the forum :D and boy do I know that not concentrating routine :D those are the best :D

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