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A handful of self observations from today (f)


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Just about everyone has had the flu or a cold recently, my brother has a horrendous cough, my sister's boyfriend does too, and a selection of my friends had the flu and colds and what not and a while ago even I had a cold which I obsed about so I figured I'm good for the winter.

But maybe I'm not? :D I've been a little sneezy today, nothing else so far, but hey - when am I sneezy? just about never... so what has this sneeziness amounted to? so far 4 sneezes throughout the day, which is just 4 more than any other day.

But guess what? you're only getting to read about 3 of them because those are the ones worth mentioning :omg:

#1 - I was playing World of WarCraft and eating a bowl of cereal (that's about as close as I get to breakfast if at all), now I just finished a bite more or less, it's not like I was chomping down a mouthful or anything, and I felt a tickle which err just turned into a sneeze, so I sneezed into my cupped hand "HATchoo!" nothing out of the ordinary there, medium volume, thing is the spray sort of went where it wanted to... so my hand was a little wet... and I somehow managed to get 2 tiny crumbs of cereal on my glasses which was odd considering I didn't really think there were still any in my mouth >.< clumsy me...

#2 - I've got exams coming up (all the more reason NOT to get sick *worry*) and I normally try to read a bit in the mornings (not cramming just yet), but my sister is home for a bit and she wanted us to study together (she says she focuses better if someone else is suffering by her side) so we were sitting in her study on the couch, each reading her own stuff, half the time she spent having unexplained spontaneous fits of laughter, the other half we (was overall fun :whistle: ). All of a sudden I felt a sneeze :twisted: it was building kinda quickly and I had a really huge book in my lap which I didn't want to sneeze at, but at the same time I didn't want to get both of my hands wet, so while I was figuring out how to go about this sneeze it was really making it's way. I turned to the left (my sister was to my right) and I wanted to cover with one hand, so naturally I used the left one, but since I couldn't really turn my entire upper body without losing the place in my huge book and I felt that covering the left side wouldn't really be helpful, so I sort of curved my cupped hand to cover from the right (which was kind of uncomfortable but happened really fast) and then "Hiiitchew!" which was a little high-pitchy for me. My sister blessed me, I thanked her, and then a second later she said "You've got such a cute sneeze". I grined a bit and said "oh yeah?" and she said "yeah :blushing:"

#3 - This one isn't that exciting, but since I don't often sneeze to the crook of my elbow I thought I'd share. So I'm sitting here, posting something on my school forum about a program on BBC Prime I think my classmates could enjoy and benefit from since it's got some to do with what we studied about memory and such. When again, I felt a tickle... since I had the laptop in front of me and I didn't want to spray it, or get my hands wet, I just turned to the right and sneezed into the crook of my elbow, I didn't feel any spray because I have a nice thick fleece on, and while I don't think it was really wet, I also don't think it was that dry :rolleyes: just felt a bit weird launching forward into my elbow like that while also turning to the side... sharp quick motion and "Haatchew" my sister blessed me from the kitchen (which is half a floor lower than the corner I was sitting at but the space between both locations is a free one so it's reasonable).

Anyway, too much sneezing for me for one day, and now that I think about it, my head kind of hurts >.< not good timing... hope if this turns into anything it'll stay mild...

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awwwww!! don't be sick love, it sucks hardcore.

and I'm sure you have a very cute sneeze :whistle: lol but if my sister ever said that to me I think I'd cry.

anyway, loved the obs, wish I could've been there *cough* mmm yeah okay! feel better sweetie!

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Oops .. :D:yes: ...

Duh .. wrong button thats what happens when your brain lacks blood from reading so nicely written obs :laugh::D:laugh:


Thanks for posting and lots of crossed fingers it doesn't turn into anything at all :omg::hug:

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