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more cold obs...self (f)


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WARNING: this is long-winded and has much in the way of unnecessary mushy love crap in it, but there is a lot of sneezing, so whateva. LOL

After about 20 minutes of arguing on the phone with my girlfriend, trying to tell her that I wasn't dying of the plague, and that I'd be okay on my own until she got out of class, she hung up on me and I heard a key in my front door.


She comes storming in the room, drops her bag on the table, and sits on the edge of the couch where I am wrapped up in blankets and dying of the plague. I could tell she was incredibly annoyed with me, but her eyes completely melted when she put her hand on my forehead. At this point we still hadn't said a word. She leaned forward and kissed my head, and of course...OF COURSE, I had to sneeze.

After she pulled back, my nose was burning and twitching like mad, which of course she totally saw. She smiled (swear to GOD she has the fetish, why else would she love making me sneeze all the time?!) and grabbed a tissue out of the box that was next to the couch, and held it out to me. I took it and immediately began sneezing into it.

"hi-chh! hi-chh! hi-chh! hi-chh!...hi-hi-HI-CHH! CHH!" She was rubbing my back throughout the entire fit, which I found incredibly comforting, I must say hehe :twisted: I blew my nose softly afterwards, and groaned, leaning back into my 23483587 pillows. She blessed me and kissed my nose which is SOOOO CUTE EEEEEE!! and said "not sick at all, right?" I gave her my sad little puppy eyes :whistle: and she took that as a que, so she got up and moved behind me, so I was laying against her and getting comfortable while she was massaging my shoulders...

"HA-chhh! chh! chh! chh! chh! chh!" I sneezed openly towards my legs, my head bobbing forward with each sneeze. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek. Then I fell asleep.

lol sorry that was so loooong and drawn out, but yeah...the end!

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Awww that's so sweet :twisted: bless :D it's nice that she insisted on coming :whistle: (even though this is the plague we're talking about here :rolleyes:). OH and bwahahah! I liked the warning in the beginning XD

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AWW~ That was totally sweet. XD You're so cute, omg. And she sounds so nice! ^__^ Hope you feel better, even though your obs are adorable~

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Aw! I'm melting! I hope you recover from your plague, soon.

Plagues are contagious, right? We will be requiring further obs from any ancillary plague victims, OK?

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