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Female Observation (my friend)


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I chatted with a friend of mine at last week. She is older than me and she is a very nice, active and kind woman.

We were talking and suddenly her voice became weakly. Yeah, she felt a sneeze coming!

She raised up her hands and got set to cover her nose and mouth, but she didn’t cover exactly.

She looked so sneezy! I saw that her eyes flapped and cute nostrils twitched. But it didn’t come!!!

The next moment she got down her hands and she had a normal her smiling face. Of course I was a little bit

disappointed, but I kept up as I didn’t notice about it.

Last time I saw her sneezing was about a half year ago.

We were talking then, too. I noticed that she had a cold, even she said nothing about it. She had a

slightly stuffy voice, and made clearing her throat few times. (I make frequently clearing my throat

with slight cough, because I have asthma. But my friend makes it rarely.) Also, sometimes she rubbed

her nose and sniffed.

All of a sudden, she turned her head to her lower right hastily, and gave a strong but feminine sneeze to

her right hand, sounded like “ha-Khoo!” She sneezed only single, then she turned back to me quickly and

excused me.


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Nothing more irritating than waiting for someone to sneeze who you know from experience has a lovely one, and then having it get frightened away.

Except I s'pose not having seen it in the first place.

Nice obs. And nice to hear from you again.

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