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OH my answering machine ... (M)


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Tonight when I came home from work there was a message waiting on the answering machine.

I pressed the button, and there was my son's swimming teacher (FYI a muscly surf boy in his twenties) ...

'There will be do lessod od Subday because I ab dowd HATCHUUUUU !! TCHUUUUU ! (sorry) with the flu ... sdiffle sdiffle'.

I played the message again, and again ... and I haven't removed it yet ...


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Oh wow.. that is SO cool!

Trying to tell you he's sick and sneezing in the middle of the sentence.. how good is that.

I wonder if all the parents got a similar message, or maybe only you got this lucky. :yes:

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Nice! Did you hopefully save that message? And listen to it several more times? Thank you for sharing it with us. :P

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It's wonderful when that happens, nicht? It's happened to me a couple of times, and you just think "Considering all the time that people spend NOT sneezing, how on earth do they mamage to time it so that they sneeze exactly at the point when the thing starts recording."

And not having a machine, but getting messages from the BT exchange, I've then had to spend hours attempting to hold the receiver to a tape recorder to preserve th e precious sneezes.

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*giggles* that is just brilliant! nothing says out with the flu more than sneezing while telling someone you've got the flu, I just love that! bravo to him :P

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