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To LONDON like THAT ... ? (m)


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Who is not having a cold in the office ? Mmm ... me ! I just got rid of one ...

One of my colleagues - he's a consultant in his 40's - was walking in this morning and greeted in a deep, husky voice ... another one with a cold no doubt ...

And even if I do not appreciate him that much, I must admit that I do enjoy his sneezes. They are loud and wet and sound kind of desperate ... and there are always plenty of them when he has a cold.

Today was no exception - at least 30 - with comments and some blows and coughs.

How could I resist to make a remark about his miserable situation ?

'You are sneezing well, sounds like you are coming down with a bad cold' I said when I passed his desk.

'Yes', he sighed, 'and in two hours I am leaving for London - weekend with some friends ... I hope that I am not getting sick ...'

'Bad timing - but anyway, enjoy (and behave) ...', I answered.

'Thanks !' he said, and prepared for another ... HAASHiiiii !!

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Hmmm... I'd be straight down to the Eurostar station ! Trains seem to induce sneezing in some people!

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Awww, poor guy! I hate it when they have to travel with a cold! :( Looks like you guys are all passing around a little something at work. Nice job!!! :laugh:

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