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"Office Space" (M/F)


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Title: Office Space ( XD Yup, just like the movie, cept with different people/plot/stuff).

Author: Spoo!

Fandom: Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei in Japan).

Disclaimer: Nope, don’t own any of them.

Rating: G

Summary: There are advantages and disadvantages to working in an office. For Tsuzuki being sick allows his dear colleagues the satisfaction of a disadvantage.

Authors Notes: Hi guys. Remember me? I’m currently working on my second chapter to “Evening Encounters,” but I just had this lying around, so I decided to share. Tsuzuki makes me smile, Terazuma makes me laugh, and Descendants of Darkness in general makes me happy! Enjoy.


There were many advantages to working in an office. For one thing, it was always interesting, and it seldom proved dull when you had a bunch of people scurrying about, talking about one another behind people’s backs, and we mustn’t forget the office Christmas parties that no one really wanted to attend but did so anyway to avoid being gossiped about or ridiculed. However, with these advantages there came several disadvantages such as privacy, donut stealing (at least from a certain brown-haired shinigami), and, unfortunately, it seemed germs knew no boundaries within an office scene. If one shinigami caught a cold, they all did. It was that simple. Sure, their bodies specialized in healing physical-related ailments, but as for viruses, well, they weren’t that lucky.

It was especially irritating when either Tsuzuki or Terazuma came down with something. Unlike the rest of their colleagues the pair had loud, if not the loudest, sneezes imaginable. Whether they could help it or not was unbeknownst, but nevertheless it was vexing for everyone else who tried to go about their business without having to flinch and shout: “Bless you!”

And even still Terazuma suppressed his sneezes for the most part, even though they were still quite blatant, whereas Tsuzuki didn’t even bother. In fact, the so-called ‘elite’ shinigami didn’t even cover his mouth most of the time, showering the office with both disgust and germs.

Tatsumi had long since given up requesting that Tsuzuki use manners and kindly cover his mouth. Each time he told Tsuzuki this, the childish shinigami would nod in agreement, but it didn’t take long after for the secretary to come across the other desperately trying to wipe off a computer screen clean or apologizing to someone for not keeping his germs to himself. So, instead of getting upset, Tatsumi would reach into his back pocket and pull out a handkerchief, which he never used seeing as it was forbidden for the shadow shinigami to get sick, and hand it to Tsuzuki, who smiled sheepishly and accepted it.

Currently the brunette was, yet again, suffering from the redundant colds he often fell prey to. Honestly, one would think he would have built some kind of invincible immune system against the irking virus. Now, to say Hisoka was annoyed by his partner’s constant sniffling and…


…It was a complete understatement. The emerald-eyed youth tried to concentrate as he sat down behind his desk and shuffled through some papers of recent reports.

“’Sokaaaaaa,” Tsuzuki whined pitifully as he leant his forehead against the teen’s upper arm, “I’m sick. Take care of me!”

“You’re always sick, Tsuzuki. Maybe this will teach you not to go skipping in the rain,” His partner replied coldly, the elder shinigami poking the tips of his index fingers together.

“It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time,” Tsuzuki sniffled sadly as his classic inu ears and tail made themselves known.

“Awww, poor Tsuzuki! If you want I can make you some tea later when I finish up a few things.”

Tsuzuki’s tail wagged furiously, his amethyst eyes looking up into the gentle face of Wakaba. The miko carried an armful of papers, as though she were going to file them, and smiled sweetly at the brunette.

“Really?! Can you put lots of sugar into it?”

Wakaba giggled. “Of course.”

Hisoka shook his head and resisted the urge to drag his ridiculous partner out of the office by the ear, but his contemplations were cut short as yet another person gathered around the desk. Only this time it was someone who wasn’t as pitiful with Tsuzuki’s cold.

“Sick again, Tsuzuki? That’s too bad. Why don’t you do us all a favor and leave?” Terazuma smirked smugly, “wouldn’t want to get worse, would you?”

Tsuzuki immediately stiffened. Had they forgotten to take the trash out of the office again? Instead of adding fuel to his rival’s fire, Tsuzuki turned towards Hisoka, a slender finger running underneath his close-to-dripping nose, as he completely ignored the idiot in front of him. “’Soka? Did you hear something?”

The frivolous act was enough to make Terazuma’s blood boil as the pointy-eared shinigami slammed his palms on the desk and leant in until his nose practically touched Tsuzuki’s. “Don’t act like you can’t hear me!”

Hisoka and Wakaba, seemingly helpless in this situation, blinked and merely watched as their partners got into it. It was amusing to say the least.

Tsuzuki opened his mouth to reply, but a tickling, almost burning feeling seized his nose. He knew what was going to happen and, even though he didn’t particularly like Terazuma, he found it common courtesy to warn his rival.


“Oh, now you notice me?!”


“Is that a threat?” The other challenged, his fangs revealing as he grinned.

Well, we can’t say poor Tsuzuki didn’t try.

Hehk’SCHU!” For the most part the violet-eyed man had managed to turn, but that didn’t excuse the fact that Terazuma’s face had received a ‘snot’-so-refreshing shower.

“YOU IDIOT!” The raven-haired guardian roared as he nearly transformed himself. “IF I GET SICK I’LL TEAR YOU APART!”

“Now, now Hajime. Tsuzuki didn’t mean to do that, right?” Wakaba smiled towards the male that was currently rubbing at his nose.

“Nuh-uh,” The brunette replied.

“We have work to do anyway. Feel better!”

Having said that Wakaba tugged on Terazuma’s sleeve and led the seething beast away towards the front of the office. Hisoka, staring at Tsuzuki blankly, rolled his eyes. “Didn’t mean to do that, huh?”

Tsuzuki actually snickered, proving he knew darn well what he had done. He wasn’t even half as stupid as he let on. Hisoka could vouch for this, even if he didn’t want to. “Half.”

One could say that Watari Yutaka had an almost innate sense to enter a scene when his presence didn’t matter to the situation. The blond scientist bounced happily into the room, spewing happiness all over the place in a way that actually made Hisoka even more annoyed (if that were possible).

“Good morning!” He beamed, his small pet, 003, calmly perched on his shoulder. His large, animated eyes gleamed behind his spectacles as he trailed his gaze across two of his most favorite people. Frowning, Watari placed his hands about his hips. “Goodness, you both are certainly dull today.”

Unfortunately, the aggravating sensation returned amongst Tsuzuki’s sinuses, and despite his attempt to ward it off, he was unsure if he could keep the nuisances concealed. It was dangerous to sneeze around Watari. It would only give the crazed male an excuse to run his little experiments on him. So, purposely dropping a pencil and watching it roll under the desk, Tsuzuki bent over and discreetly clasped a hand over his rebellious nose.

H’gnxt! Hih-xnt…NGTCH!” The last of the fit was the strongest and had resulted in Tsuzuki’s head snapping up to meet with the merciless surface of the desk. “Ow,” He whispered, one eye closing as he rubbed his head before sitting up.

Two pairs of blinking eyes greeted him.

“Eh… I dropped something! See?” Tsuzuki smiled as he held up the pencil.

It didn’t take mind reading to know what his partner had done, but nevertheless Hisoka chose to keep his mouth shut for the sake of Tsuzuki’s wishes. Watari’s experiments didn’t always run so smoothly after all.

“Yes, well, I must be going. Duty calls! Have a good day Bon, Tsuzuki,” The blond waved and began for the office door.

Tsuzuki closed his eyes and sighed relief, though opened one of his eyes when he felt something soft being pushed against his hand. Amethyst met emerald as the older male took notice that Hisoka was pushing a tissue towards him.

“Here,” He said plainly.

Tsuzuki almost cried. “Awww, ‘Soka! You care about me, don’t you?” He purred, taking the teen into a firm hold, which Hisoka immediately protested to by squirming.

“Baka! Let go of me before I catch your cold!”

The brunette thought of obeying but, after imagining Hisoka sick and needing his attention and love, his grip tightened.


As he always seemed to do Tsuzuki recovered from his bout of illness in the time period of three days or so. Accompanying his recovery was a beautiful day, an amazing breakfast, and now a warm welcome from his officemates. Or, well, that’s what the shinigami thought before he opened the door to the office.


‘Terazuma…’ Tsuzuki thought.





By this point Tsuzuki was slowly backing out of the room, his dark lilac eyes rather wide. His escape plan would have gone through had not be bumped against something solid. The ominous shadow that loomed over him began to shift, which revealed the person before Tsuzuki could even turn around. It was just as he feared; a very angry, very sick Tatsumi. A handkerchief covered the secretary’s lower face, and his cerulean eyes seemed to glow behind his glasses.

“Going somewhere, Mr. Tsuzuki?”

Tsuzuki laughed nervously. “Of course not!”

“Precisely. It would appear everyone has mysteriously fallen ill, and no one likes to work when they’re not feeling well, correct?”

Tsuzuki didn’t like where things were going and the fact that Tatsumi’s voice was deathly calm didn’t help matters. “Right…”

“So, it’s settled then. Considering you’re well I’ll expect everyone else’s paperwork by the end of the day. I’m sure they’ll be more then happy to narrate to you as you write,” Tatsumi offered the whipped dog a pat on the head with his free hand and calmly strode off afterwards.

Defeated, deflated, and just plain sad Tsuzuki crouched down and began drawing unseen patterns on the floor with his index finger. Why did he have a feeling it was going to be a long, endless day?

-The End-

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OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH! YEEEESFOREVER! This has made me VERY happy in the pants area. :D

Oh I feel SO BAD that they are all sick. Oh, totally. :nohappy: This was SO brilliant and SOOOO yummy I must save it to my computer to pull up once an hour to drool over. I LOVE the sounds of them all too. Fit SO well. :)

*squeeeeeeeeeeals and runs away with sick!Tatsumi!* X3

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YnM fic!!!!! I just loved this.....LOVED IT!!! Tsuzuki and Terazuma are actually my favorite characters and the fact you included BOTH of them in this (and you made Hajime sneeze!!! *SQUEE!!!*) just made my freakin' DAY!!!

GREAT job on the uber! pathetic Tsuzuki bits! I.........think I need a minute. Or 12. Yes....


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:) This is SO cute and funny and well-written! And just... deliciously WRONG :blushing: Thanks for sharing! Hope to see more from you! :hug:
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Ok, now I'll have this big, stupid smile on my face for the rest of the night :D Lovely, lovely, LOVELY fic! Thanks for sharing!

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