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small sneezing fits in studyroom


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I really dislike to let out sneezing in front of other people.

I don't like that anyone hear my sneezing.

When anyone blesses me or worries about my sneezing, it's embarrassing me more.

However, I'm very easy and frequently sneezer, I often have to give sneezing

in public dispite of my mind...

I was in a studyroom. There were around 5-6 students who are not in my classes.

Of course, there was silent. It happened often, I felt a sneezing coming.

My handkerchief was in my bag. I noticed that I couldn't keep back a sneezing until I whip out

the handkerchief from my bag.

So I put my cupped hands to my nose and mouth and tried to make sneezing,

it's not stand out.

"Tchoooo! Tschoooo! Ha-Ha-Hachooo! ......Hatchooo!"

It followed more 3 sneezings and they were becoming louder and stronger.

Almost evryone in there turned to watch the sneezer and bleesed friendly.

I blushed and thanked them. I still slight tickles in my nose.

One of a boy, who was next to me, asked me again that I were OK.

Of course, I answered yes, but at once I had to sneeze more 5-6 times in a raw.

He smiled and adviced me to watch out for the cold.

After few hours later, I met by chance him again.

He noticed me and said, "how are you?"

I said, "pretty good," shyly.

He asked me again, " how is your sneezing? No more sneezing?"

I really felt embarrassing!!!


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What a lovely self-obs,. Oh the sheer inevitability of the moment when you realise that you're not going to be able to fumble for your hankie in your bag in time before the sneeze explodes.And how often I've seen girls doing it!

Wish I were an easy sneezer, or indeed a frequent sneezer.

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