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Cutie at the traffic light ... (M)


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When driving to work I was waiting at a traffic light. A young guy drew my attention : tall and slim, wearing a black suit, combined with a big black scarf and a black woollen cap, energetic step. Carrying laptop in his right hand. Mmmm ... almost ready for the catwalk.

He crossed the street in front of my car and then a most incredible thing happened : he bended to his left and sneezed into his fist ! It made him jump a bit, and a few seconds later he walked on as if nothing had happened. Oh what a lucky day !

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Damn, I ***LOVE*** it when they stop right in front of you to sneeze like that! Amazing! Thanks for sharing! I bet that made your day! ;)

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That's awesome! Too bad you didn't hear it...or did you? I'd love to know what it sounded like!

No, unfortunately I did not hear it ...

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