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I don't know if you'd call this an allergy exactly, but....


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My roommate went and sprayed a ridiculous amount of this really strong, flowery-scented air freshener all over the room. I had to leave to do homework, it was driving me that crazy. Well, I came back into the room just now to get something, and almost immediately, my nose, which had sort of "forgotten" about the air freshener, started reacting to the sudden onslaught of extremely strong smell. Would you call this an allergy, or what? It was definitely that smell that was bothering my nose, but...gah. I take pride in bragging to allergy sufferers that I don't have any allergies (while secretly enjoying theirs, of course!)

Anyway...back to the ob. I kept wrinkling/rubbing my nose to try to get rid of the tickle (my roommate's asleep, and I didn't know if one sneeze (which is all I ever get!) would wake her up), but to no avail, and just a couple of minutes, if that, after I'd entered the room, I sneezed, "huh-CHMP!" slightly stifled at the end, again, in hopes of maybe sneezing more quietly than usual and not waking her up. Haha, I don't know why I bothered. Serves her right for spraying that stuff! It was wet, too (for those who are interested), and I used up all my tissues with last month's cold...so I just gave up and wiped it on my sleeve. Hey, it's the end of the day, and this shirt is washable. :-) Oh, and now my nose is kind of stuffed up and tickly (really needs to be blown, I'll get to that in a sec when I go to the bathroom), so more obs MAY be coming y'all's way (but don't count on it!). Anyway...enjoy!

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OK, let's say it isn't an allergy. I mean, if you stick a tissue up your nose and it makes you sneeze, it isn't an allergy either.

What's more important than what we call it is what your reaction was. It was cool! ;)

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