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Sensei sneezing


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Hey ok this is my very first ops ever so i hope you all injoy lol. ya i wont be using names ok lol :blushing:

ok well umm.... lol i dont know how to start it lol whatever ok... im in a kendo clud and it turns out that one of the senior students who some times teacher the class is quite the sneezy lady. shes really cute, long black hair cute face and shes really short lol but ya one crazy day in the middle of practice she was putting on her bogu (thats the armor we where for sparing) she was sitting in saiza when she got this total per sneeze look on her face sensai was watching her and actually said "no sneezing aloud in the dojo" lol so the senior student actually tryed to hold it in. ;) sensei was pickin on her and kept saying that she is not aloud to sneeze lol and well shure enough the senion student couldnt hold it any more and let out a very feminine cute sneeze. lol every one laughed about it. if they only new hey lol :D

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Hehehe....I'm a martial artist as well and our Sensei often jokes about the whole "no sneezing in the dojo" policy also. :omg: Wtf, a shodan makes you retarded, I swear!

Ha....sitting in seiza whilst sneezing is a VERY amusing (and strangely hot) thought to me....


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