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Bus Obs

Liam of Rock

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Note for American readers: In Britain an Asian person is Middle Eastern (Arabian or Pakistani, say), not Japanese.

I was on the bus this morning and there was this girl, about 20, Asian. She had a kind of beaky nose, it's a bit hard to describe. Anyway, she obviously had a really bad cold. Within about five minutes of me getting on the bus, she sneezed about four times. They weren't especially interesting, they sounded more like coughs, but she also (for those who are interested) blew her nose at least two dozen times during the trip. They were powerful and VERY wet.

Hope I'll see her again!

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You know, Japan/China and India, Pakistan etc. are all Asian countries, so people from all those places can be desribed as 'Asian'... I don't know where you're getting this assertion that it's different 'in Britain' than anywhere else. I'm from the UK and I'd refer to a Japanese man as East Asian, and a Pakistani man as West Asian.

..anyway, cool obs. I've always had a thing for (West) Asian women. :omg:

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By contras, most Asians seem to deny that Arabs are Asian. Naive Sikhs regard Bangla Deshiyas as their Asian Brothers, though th sentiment is not reversed. Asian used tio mean Indian, but the correct form now seems to be "minority".

Nice observation. The moderate community is a rich field of sneezing.

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Well, us Middle Easterners have to belong to a continent right? If not Asia, then where? Africa? Europe? Antarctica? As a Middle Eastern, there is no doubt that I am Asian as well. Asian does not mean you have to have almond shaped eyes and a low nose bone, just for the record. :)

Thanks for the obs Liam.


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