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A messy sneeze f

count tiszula

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I popped into the local yesterday for a hock and seltzer and a bag of pork scratchings. A very Irish pub, and virtually empty.

But after a time I noticed the arrival of a woman in her thirties, quite curvaceous, black or of mixed race. she was messing with her mobile, and I transferred my gaze; In fact Igot up to pick up a free paper.

At this moment there was an enormous explosion; TSCHOOOOOSH!

What to do? Casting care aside I decided I would risk turning round , and saw her in full recovery mode. Hurriedly reseating myself, I stared shamelessly as she started fumblimg in her bag for a hankie, while her face took on the second sneeze look; mouth falling open, head tilting. But, curses, she managed to hold it in, and got out a cellophane wrapped packet of paper hankies. I always rather like that gesture, because the person is clearly just making a gesture towards covering, as these packages are obviously designed to be unopenable during any presneeze period, in fact legitimising fumbling and open sneezing. However, without the second sneeze she did get out a hankie and had a big blow.

Then, she noticed that the sneeze had been extremely messy, and transferred the hankie to her trousers, dabbing sporadically at the multiple stains thereon. In fact, though I continued staring, to the extent that I think she clocked me, the only further action was hankie-based; hold in left hand, replace in bag, take out in right hand, blow repeatedly, and once again, the divinely furtive dab at the several marks on her trousers!

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Beautiful , Count, a lovely obs! I also love to watch a lady fumbling for a tissue, and the part where she tried to clean her trousers was simply devine! Thanks for posting!

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