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Hubby and I have some friends that have a condo/timeshare type thingie down in Florida, and they invited us to go down for a week in April with them. So, hubby wanted me to call my travel agency today to see how much flights would be. I did, and got this very nice woman to help me. As she was looking up the dates and flights, she said to me, "One moment please." So, I waited, and about ten seconds later, I heard a muffled, "Huh-ruushhuuu!" It was rather amusing, because when she said that, I had no idea from her voice that there was a sneeze coming. And when she finally came back to the line, she was a bit sniffly. Of course, since she was obviously trying very hard to hide the fact that she'd sneezed, I couldn't embarrass her by saying anything. Like I said, it was just cute how she was so polite about excusing herself, and then she must've covered the reciever so I wouldn't hear her sneeze! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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