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Just a Liiiittle Uncomfortable. (F)


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On Tuesdays and Thursdays I stay after school to take an SAT prep course. Well, yesterday I was sitting outside with a group of my friends, and one of my friends sneezed her little airy, "choo!" Naturally, it caught my attention. :hug: She blamed it on the sun, and I was okay with that... until my other friends asked about it.

"The sun makes you sneeze? How is that possible?"


Okay, yeah, no. I had to sit there, a little uncomfortable, but at the same time trying to act as normal as I could without showing my fetishy interest while they talked about it for 10 minutes straight ( they even asked me what I thought!). :hug: That wasn't too bad until my other friend demanded that my friend who had sneezed look into the sun to try and sneeze again.

Can we say...AWKWARD?!

Oh boy. Sure, I was happy, but at the same time a just a liiiiiittle uncomfortable. Bleh.:)

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Oh I had a similar experience, though I never shy away from a debate about photic sneezing even when I get the weird looks from my friends :) glad you lived through it :hug:

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Yeah, sneezy conversations among non-fetishists make me feel awkward, too. Especially if I'm not attracted to any of them.

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If it happened to me nowadays I would have encouraged them all to see for themselves by trying to make themselves sneeze by the use of the sun. The results might have been a bit overwhelming, though.

But I used to get very nervous about such things until I realised just how uninterested most people are; they would have forgotten my dazed , lustful expression in a matter of weeks, or days.

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A large group of my feinds 'know', as some of you are aware. And one of them is photic. So if this even comes up he asks my opinion, as if im an expert. The fact that I effectively am an expert is not the point lol

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