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In a crowded cafe (f) ob


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Today I was in town in a crowded cafe, trying to keep warm. There was a group of three women to my right on the next table, all talking. One was tall, with long blond hair, glasses and really cute, age about 20? :rolleyes:

I was sort of keeping an eye on them when the blond did one completly silent sneeze. She raised her fist below her chin, closed her eyes and only just bobbed a little, but no sound at all. I watched closely, and after about 30 secs, she did another, again with no sound. :(

It was cute to watch, but strange with hardly any movement and no sound at all. She did rub her nose a little, but that was the only real sign she had just sneezed. :omg:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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