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Okay, so I'm one of those people who only ever sneezes in singles, and have wished I could sneeze more at one time...and today, I got my wish!

I've managed to pick up my second cold in less than a month. Blech. This one's been interestingly sneezy (for me, anyway), except not as much as it could be because I've been around people all day today (yay mental block. Not.). I'm not going to describe all of them, because that would get kind of old, but they're all my usual strong, loud "Heh-TSHHH!" single.

Buuuut, just now I was reading emails, and I knew I was going to sneeze, and since my cold sneezes tend to be kind of wet/messy, I abandoned the computer, grabbed a tissue, and waited.


Okay, Plan B. I looked up at the light. My eyes were watering, but I resolutely kept them open. My breath started hitching. Finally, after about ten seconds, "Hup-TSCHH!"

It didn't help. My nose was still just as tickly. I'd opened my eyes immediately after that sneeze, so I was still staring up at the light. Once more, my breath started to hitch and my eyes started to water. About ten seconds later: "Hup-TSCHH!"

I even thought there was going to be a THIRD one (heh, that would've stopped the world from spinning, or something), but then the tickle started to abate, so I just gave up and blew my nose and came to the site to tell you all about this wonderful first double of mine. :-)

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mmmmm :drool:

okay, that wasn't creepy or anything, lol. i swear i'm not that much of a - oh what the hell, yes i am. i wish i could've been there to see!!

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CONGRADS!!!!! :o

I'm a single sneezer too so I'm remember the first time I sneezed a double it was like "holy cow what was that :bleh: ".

I am sorry to hear about your cold, I hope you feel better soon :wub:

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Well done! Yes, I go through very long "double droughts", and it is the most wonderful feeling when you have had a nice big sneeze to realise that the tickle hasn't gone away at all.

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Congratulations on your double! That really is an exciting achievement. I've been sneezing a lot more doubles and triples lately too ... must be something in the air ... anyway, hope there are many more to come, and BLESS YOU (times two! he he)

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