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Male obs at work last night


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Lately, I've had some sort of sneeze drought, especially of the male variety. So, it was kind of nice to get a little something last night, even though I only got to hear it. While I was walking back from the cage, getting a snowthrower for a customer, I saw this very good-looking guy and his S/O heading for self-checkout. He was probably about 6'2", with a dark complexion, messy dark hair, an eyebrow piercing, and a cool red shirt with a black leather coat. Basically, the man looked like he stepped out of GQ magazine or something, he was HAWT! :drool: Plus, he had this long, thin nose, that was just gorgeous! And of course, right away, I was all like, "Hmmm, I wonder what his sneeze would sound like."

I was printing up the paperwork for my customer when I heard it. There was one, lone, male sneeze, "Huh-echooo!" And then my head snapped in the direction of the cash registers, and that's when I saw Mr. GQ. He was straightening himself up, and rubbing at that handsome nose. I got all mushy and weak watching him recover. Also, I felt kind of bad because his S/O didn't say a word. I mean, the sneeze sounded so wonderful, and kind of loud (at least, loud enough so I could hear it at the service desk!), and she just ignored it. I only wish I could have seen it, too. :drool: He did kind of give this sheepish smile afterwards, too, which melted me even more. I just wish me thinking about people sneezing worked all the time! :twisted:

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How awesome! He sounds totally hot. I'm sure that made your day! Yes, how wonderful it would be if we could make people sneeze by thinking about it.

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