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Band Teacher Obs (Male)


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Good day, everyone. S'been a while since I've posted around here, and I apologize for it, but school has taken me prisoner! :yuck: In any case, today my fellow comrades was INCREDIBLE. As some of you may know I wrote a previous observation regarding my smexy band teacher. So as you don't have to go scouting the forum for my other post to read about my band teacher's description here's a brief reminder: Short auburn hair, crystal blue eyes hidden behind the frames of rectangular glasses, 5'10, average build, he's 23, AND he has THE PERFECT nose. I kid you not, seriously, it's like WOW.

It was a normal day in second period band class, but, being the obsessive freak I am, I noticed my band teacher looking a little on the "sick" side, ya know? Suspicious, yet hopeful, I kept watching him and, to my absolute fetishy delight, all at once his nose twitched, he stopped talking, and his head immediately snapped down into his fist with a stifled, "hgnxt!"


After which he mumbled a soft "excuse me" and gave a "thank you" to the few, including myself that blessed him. I couldn't contain my excitement, haha, so I left the room and went to the bathroom where I could hug myself and squeal like an idiot in the privacy of a stall. :laugh:

In general, I was extremely happy about what had happened and little did I know that it had been just an appetizer. >:D Lunch came around and I decided to eat in the band room, which we normally aren't allowed to do but recently we've been bending rules, haha. I sat there with five or so more people, and my band teacher sat at his computer doing stuff and eating his lunch. I was speaking to him for a while and right after I had finished a conversation with him his face formed a most AMAZING pre-sneeze face (squee!) I tried not to stare too much, and I hope he didn't notice. His lips parted, his eyes closed, and he snapped forward in a violent, stifled, "NXT!"

ajdjfklajkdfkdfk, omghesneezedagain!

Of course I had all intentions of blessing him, but before I could even get the 'you' out his breath hitched, a small build-up formed, and he gave an even more rebellious "Hn-gxt!" (The best one of all!) Giggling, I blessed him properly (and I felt special because no one else did). He blinked at me with lightly watered eyes, thanked me, and went back to his business. Wowzers, talk about incredible. I don't think I've ever had such an amazing sneeze/obs experience. :yes:


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Yummy...... :yuck:

Wish I was there. :yes: (green with envy!)

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Can I just say that I :yuck: teacher obs.- and that cute music teacher obs are *Especially* near and dear to my heart.

Plus- I just SOOOO loved how you wrote that.

Thank you- *says the goof with the big dopey grin on her face*

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Can I just say that I :D teacher obs.- and that cute music teacher obs are *Especially* near and dear to my heart.

Gee, I can't imagine why! Bet you wish you could witness something like that, huh, tma? :yes:

Anyway, yes, this was well written and very hot! Thank you so much! I have gotten a couple of up close obs like that, where the pre-sneeze face is just so great! And like you, I hate to stare, but sometimes can't help it cuz it's soooooo good! At least you watching him didn't stop him from sneezing! YAY! :yuck:

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EEEEEEEEE! Hot teacher sneezing!! *drools all over keyboard*

Teacher obs are the best! :yes: Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all the yummy details with us!

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Teehee, thanks for the reviews you guys. ^_^ These past few days have been amazing. My band teacher has had the WORST cold imaginable and I've heard him sneeze four times since this particular observation. :heart:

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