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frustrating bf obs


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so i was on the phone with my bf today... and he decides to induce with pepper. yep. i was like... ":yes: you wouldnt do that... >:D" and he said in a defensive but playful voice "bet me." of course.. i bet him. so he went and got some pepper. i heard him sniffle a couple of times. each sniffle getting more and more stuffy sounding. you could tell he had to sneeze. his breathing got heavier. then he sniffled and made an "ugh" sound. "what?" i asked him. "nothing.." he says.

nothing. NOTHING?????? :yuck: DONT SAY NOTHING. lol it was obvious as to what happened.. he lost the sneeze but didnt wanna say anything. uuuuhhhh HELLO.. its JUST AS FUCKING HOT. psh. so anyways.. moving along.

he sniffled some more.. and he started to build up. then he let out a cute "heteshew". another one almost came out.. but i moaned as i blessed him as he sneezd.. which he asked if i was ok.. therefore ruining his second sneeze. psh. ok not my best obs... but it was worth sharing.

cuz i said so. :D

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Well, at least he got one out, right? :yes: Cute phone obs. Thanks for sharing! With a little more practice, maybe he'll get some more!

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