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Ok, this was just about the hottest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. This one kid, he's a grade ahead of me, he was at school to watch a basketball game, and I was too. He's about 5'10" with short brown spiky hair, a short round nose, a perfect face, and perfect body. He's the hottest guy on the face of the planet. But anyway, I was standing about 5 feet from him outside of the gym, when he bent over and sneezed twice, sort of like "Ha-ISHOO, Ha-ISHOO" he looked done, but then he sniffed and "Ha-ISHOO....sniff Ha-ISHOO....sniff..sniff HA-ISSSHHHOOOO HE-HE-HAAA-ISSSHHHHOOOO" He didn't sniff after that. It seemed like he could control how many times he sneezed by sniffing. I then found out that that's what he does.

The kid he was talking with asked, "What was that?"

Then he said, "sneezes"

The his friend, "yea, i know, but what was up with the sniffing and loud ones?"

The sneezy one, "oh, when I sniff, I can make myself sneeze how ever many times i sniff. And I wanted to clear my nose completely."

I hope I see him do it again.

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Wow, that is super cool! I wish I knew more cute guys with that same talent! Actually, I do have a phone/e-mail friend who claims he can breathe just the right way and make himself sneeze, but I have yet to hear that one! Anyway, lovely obs, glad you caught that little conversation at the end. And as always, thanks for sharing! :drool:

Oh, and I edited this to add I hope you get to witness it again, and then tell us all about it! :unsure:

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Wow! He seems to know a lot about his sneezes! He sounds so cute-I pictured the guy who I always thought was the most perfect-looking creature on the planet. Thanks for sharing this-it was very interesting!

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Ungh, that was a TREAT... a GEM of an obs. ^_^

Seriously knee-weakening fit, MONDO enjoyable mental picture... and then he TALKS about it too... GRMSJKLNDZ HOT!!! :blushing:

Thanks for sharing!!! :heart:

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