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Wish Come True


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There's a link to a story called "Wish Come True" on the Serotica site, but it doesn't work. Does anybody have it (and if so, would they we willing to email it to me?)


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There's a link to a story called "Wish Come True" on the Serotica site, but it doesn't work. Does anybody have it (and if so, would they we willing to email it to me?)


Wish Come True

Frankie & Serotica

One- The Wish

It all began on a dark winter's afternoon. Even now, almost three years later, I can remember the day, with that biting wind blowing, and the gloomy, snow-laden sky hanging ominously over my head as I navigated my way around Liverpool City Centre, doing the last of my Christmas shopping.

I had only two presents left to get: one for my mother, and one for Christine, a friend from work. At a loss for both of them, I decided to go into Harvey Nichols, my favourite department store, to get some perfume for Christine.

The woman on the perfume counter asked pleasantly, "Can I help you?"

I knew that Samsara was Christine's favourite perfume, but I wasn't sure what it looked like, so I asked the lady at the counter for help. I might add that she was very attractive- around 5'7" tall, with long, straight blonde hair, and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. I expect that they were contact lenses, as they looked so perfect.

"Do you sell Samsara?" I asked, feeling a little embarrassed because I was the only male at the perfume counter.

She came back with two bottle sizes, and asked me which one I wanted. I went for the smaller 50ml bottle, as it cost a mint and I thought that was plenty for a friend. The lady commented that Christine must be a very lucky girl, because Samsara was very much in vogue. I'm not sure why I felt the need to explain that it wasn't for my girlfriend, just for a close friend- but I did, earning myself an amused look from the saleslady. I wondered whether she had heard a similar story before. When the saleslady cracked a wry grin and explained that it made no difference to her as she happened to be allergic to this particular type of fragrance, I did a double take, wondering if this dismal winter's day was looking up- but just as I readied myself to ask her a question about it- anything, really, to get her talking on this subject- another customer came up to the counter, and I was summarily dismissed.

Leaving Harvey Nichols, I zipped up my jacket to keep out the cold, bitter wind, which seemed to be picking up strength. I sat on a bench, having a hasty cigarette as I racked my brain for an idea for my mother's present; she's not easy to buy for- when all of a sudden it started to snow, coming down quite thick, big flakes just pouring from the sky. It looked so beautiful that I held my breath for a few moments. I still hadn't figured out what miraculous object would blow away mum when she unwrapped it on Christmas morning, but I decided that I couldn't be bothered to waste any more time pondering in the snow.

A new dressing gown would do the trick. I trotted into M&S, and got a nice, soft towelling dressing gown in that indeterminate light pink shade my mother, like other women of a certain age, seems to prefer to any other colour under the sun. Ordinary, perhaps, but I knew she'd be pleased- and at last, I could go home. Having got all my presents, I felt pleased with myself, gloating quietly as I walked back to the car park that there was more than a week left to Christmas- I hadn't left it to the last minute, as I usually do.

When I reached the car park, I saw a man struggling to start his car. He was quite scruffy, and his car was a little shabby-looking too. I expected it was a flat battery, or the alternator, so- full of the Christmas spirit- I went over to him and said I had some jump leads, and would be able to get his car started, which in only ten minutes or so, I did.

He tried to give me £20, but I wouldn't accept it, and told him that I was happy enough to be able to help him, this being Christmas time and all. Still, he wouldn't leave it alone.

"No, I must insist. I'm in your debt."

"Of course you're not," I reassured him, and I was just about to wish him a merry Christmas and take my leave when he closed his eyes in a most peculiar fashion and said,

"Make a wish."

I thought he was crazy, and told him to stop kidding about, but he said he was being serious. He assured me that he was able to grant me one wish, as he had special powers, and it was the least he could do to thank me for helping him.

Naturally, I thought, "Well, maybe he's a bit daft, but I'll humour the poor sod and pretend to go along with it."

As if he'd heard, he opened his eyes again and laughed at me. I admit that I was a bit freaked by that.

"I know what you're thinking, but I'm being serious. Besides, what have you got to lose? For all you know, I could have special powers- and even if I don't..." he shrugged, giving me a big, not-quite-regular smile, "You'll know what you want. I mean, it might not be possible, but it's the least I can do."

He was looking at me intently as he said this last, and only then did I notice that this man's irises were the same colour as his pupils.

I swallowed hard. "Special powers? The least you can do?"

He shrugged again. "And the most."

I had started to shiver in the driving snow, but he stood there in his thin, tattered coat as though it was a summer's day.

I had to make a wish. Well then, why not? I asked myself. Stranger things had happened. "So..." I wasn't quite sure what I was doing, but what the hell...

"You, um, deal in the smaller wishes?"

"I'm not sure I deal in anything," he said. "Just don't bother wishing you'll win the lottery."

Even now, I don't know why I did wish, but a devious thought- one which had been blossoming slowly in my head since I'd looked that gorgeous, unavailable counter-girl up and down- suddenly struck me with full force. For the next thirty seconds or so, whilst wrapping my leads back up, I couldn't stop thinking... wouldn't it be nice if I could make women sneeze at will? That would be just amazing. If impossible.

Without my saying anything, he said, "Your wish will come true very soon."

I could almost feel the flush spreading through my chilled skin.

"Ehm… but I haven't wished for anything yet." It sounded lame, even to me.

"Oh, but yes you did. And I'll try to make it happen for you one day."

I chuckled to myself, thinking again that the guy was insane. I could have thought anything, and he'd just get up and drive off to whatever loony bin he'd come from, where he could offer the nurses world peace to his warped little heart's content.

Just before I got into my car to drive away he said. "You will soon have the power to make anyone sneeze."

I froze, my hand on the door handle. It sounded strange out loud, but even stranger in the circumstances.

"Er, excuse me?"

"You heard me."

And he'd heard me. I stared at him, dumbstruck, as he continued, his face as plain and expressionless as the snow, which was now carpeting the car park.

"All you'll have to do," he said laconically, "is look into eyes of the person that you want this to happen to, and think of the word 'sneeze,' and it will happen. It won't work for a while, and it's going to take some practice on your part, too." He winked. "If you ask me, all the best things do..."

Then, looking at my face, he gave me the closest to a genuine smile I'd seen on his face, which was still a pretty far cry from the Real McCoy.

"I've heard a lot of things in my life," he said mildly. "You lot are funny creatures. I've never heard one of you ask for anything that makes sense."

I was pretty embarrassed at this stage, so without thanking him I just dived into my car and drove away.

I've never forgotten about that strange experience, but it's the funniest thing- I can't remember what that man looked like at all. Except for those dark, dark eyes, that had seen right through me right from the start. And his smile, as he watched me drive away. I was so flustered that I never thought to ask what "you lot," meant- or, in his strange version of the world, what could possibly make sense.

I'm still mystified.

Two- The First Success

Sorry to disappoint you, but it didn't work right away either- in fact, it took about eighteen months for anything to start happening. Believe me, it's not like I wasn't practicing! It became a habit with me, almost a religion...and when I felt ridiculous and wanted to give up, I just remembered how that strange man had known my heart's desire, and kept doing it, though I must confess it did feel odd staring into women's eyes, and thinking, 'SNEEZE.' I must have tried this thousands of times, in every situation possible; on trains, in shops, in pubs, clubs, restaurants, banks, absolutely everywhere.

Then, one day, I was in a travel agent's, looking to book a holiday for myself. I had two weeks off work, and I really felt the urge to get out of Old Blighty, even if I was to go alone- I'd felt a little tragic about this, but when I saw the smiling young woman at her desk, (whose name tag read 'Jennifer') I forgot any misgiving I might ever have had.

This woman was just unbelievably sexy. She was in her early twenties, maybe even as young as nineteen, with such a beautiful, feminine face. She was probably around 5'9" tall, and I would have guessed her other sizes to have been around 38D, 28, 36- pretty goddamn amazing, if I may say so. I thought she must have had about seventy boyfriends, she was so perfect; and she was nice too, trying as hard as she could to get me a good deal.

I know you're waiting for this, so, yes- I couldn't resist trying the old trick, even though I felt it would be a lost cause. As I sat with her, I wondered how I could possibly look her in the eyes- that crucial move. I asked her had she ever been to Cyprus, as that was where I wanted to go- to be more specific, Ayia Napa, the clubbing capital of Europe. As she was so young and sexy, I thought there would be a good chance that she had been herself, so I asked her.

She was still looking at her monitor, typing away, and she replied, "I went last year with a girlfriend, and it was really great. You're just going to love it there. Great place to meet people." But she said it absently, still never looking me in the eyes.

I wasn't that bothered, as I had never managed this before, and I wasn't really expecting it to work- but, as though reading my mind, she looked up from her monitor, stared me straight in the eyes and asked, 'And will you be flying from Liverpool?'

I stared strongly back, thinking "SNEEZE!"

Then I replied "Yes."

And oh my God, it happened! Nearly two years after meeting that strange man, it finally happened.

She suddenly bent low, letting out a soft, "Aatishoo!" then a little sniffle. She smiled, and said in such a sexy voice, "Oh, excuse me."

Of course, I was immediately aroused, but after so long I did think it was probably a coincidence; that after all, it wasn't actually me that made her sneeze. She might have a cold, or allergies- or something might have chosen that moment to get up her nose and tickle. I thought I would try it again though just to see.

So I said to her, trying to get her to look at me, "Would the flight supplement be cheaper if I went from Manchester or London?"

She looked straight up, and said, "No, it makes no difference at all."

And whilst making eye contact again, I thought, "SNEEZE!"

I saw her eyes starting to close, as she let out another lovely "Aaaatiishhhooo!" She then took a Kleenex from a box on her table, and as she looked at me, and said "Oh, excuse me, please-" I thought "SNEEZE" and she sneezed again, her long blonde hair fanning out as her head bobbed forward involuntarily. "Aahtishoooo!"

I was totally and utterly turned on. All could think of was how much I enjoyed her sneezes! They were so nice and feminine, and considering how beautiful she was, the whole experience was so perfect. I had to calm down, as I was scared my erotic feelings were beginning to show- to be honest, I was just about ten seconds away from ecstasy. So, I told myself that I had to concentrate, and let this gorgeous girl get on with booking my holiday. But every time she looked at me, I thought, "SNEEZE," and that was just what happened every time! Of course, I was paranoid that she may make the connection between looking at me, and sneezing. I was actually pretty scared, as now "SNEEZE" was all I could think. That word crowded out all the others in my brain. I had to leave the travel agents immediately, as not to get caught out. I said I would have to go, as I was meeting an old friend for lunch, but I would call back later on that afternoon.

Three- Doing Lunch With Christine

As things turned out, I didn't go back that afternoon.

The old friend I was meeting for lunch was Christine, and our meeting dragged on and on until finally I decided I couldn't be bothered going back to pick up my ticket. It was my own fault, really; Christine was in a great mood, and chatty as always, and whilst I had never really been attracted to her 'that way', she was a rather pretty girl if you like that soft, red-headed China Doll type.

Every so often during lunch, I couldn't help myself- when she caught my eye and I had to do it, I thought, "SNEEZE" and she did, the cutest little "Phuisshoo!"s you could imagine. I did it a few times, almost without thinking about it, and so I was startled when Christine looked abashed and said, "I'm really sorry, Oliver, I don't know what's getting up my nose. Maybe I'm allergic to something in the restaurant."

I froze then, and tried as hard as I could not to do it again, but my mind just blurted out the word of its own accord- "SNEEZE"- and she did, another embarrassed "Phuisshooh!" that immediately made her suggest that we should leave the restaurant and go for coffee elsewhere.

And so we did, but while I sat and nodded at appropriate intervals to make out as though I were intently listening, thoughts were rocketing through my mind. True to that mysterious stranger's word, it seemed I was now able to make women sneeze just by thinking about it. I could do it whenever I wanted, and as had been demonstrated, I wanted to do it a lot. I had to learn to control my appetite, so as not to arouse suspicion. If someone caught on that I was doing it, things could turn pretty ugly.

Besides, what if I did it too often and suddenly became jaded? To waste such a spectacular gift would be sinful, I decided, and resolved to only make women sneeze whom I really, really wanted to see do it. And even then, only when I was suffering a particularly intense craving for sneezes.

I should have known my resolution wouldn't last.

Four- Jennifer Revisited

Yes, I was greedy the next day- part of me still didn't believe what I could do, and I left the house as quickly as I could, wondering if the previous day had been a dream, or if I had only been allowed one day of ecstasy. I have to admit, it took rather a lot to reassure me. As I walked to the travel agents' the next day, I made every other woman walking towards me on the pavement sneeze. It was an amazing sternutory symphony. Loud, wet sneezes, little, feminine, high-pitched ones; quick stifles- all were at hand for my enjoyment, and I'm ashamed to say that by the time I entered the travel agents' again, I had to hold my carry-all bag in a strategic place to hide my appreciation.

Thankfully, the girl who had assisted me yesterday was there again, and available. I noticed that her nametag was fastened upside-down, and this detail made me smile; besides, it wasn't as though I had forgotten her name. She was looking even prettier than she had the previous day- her hair was flowing softly around her shoulders, the gold in it highlighted by the soft light of the morning.

She recognised me immediately, and smiled as I sat down in front of her. I was impressed that she even remembered my name. "Mister Moores! I didn't think we'd see you again, as you didn't stop by yesterday afternoon..."

Her tone wasn't reproachful, but I still felt a stab of guilt for not having come when I said I would. "I'm terribly sorry; afraid my meeting dragged on longer than I expected."

"Oh, that's all right." Her green eyes sparkled mischievously. "But unfortunately, I'm afraid I no longer have your ticket."

I gave myself a swift mental kick, admonishing myself to put my new talent aside, and try to respect my commitments in the future.

Out loud, I simply said, "Oh?"

"Yes, unfortunately." She was still giving me that peculiar smile. "You see, yesterday afternoon, I got hungry, so I ate it."

Her smile widened, and after a puzzled second as I ran her statement over in my head, I burst out laughing. "Oh, I see. Very funny."

"Sorry, I couldn't resist," she said, joining in with my laughter. "Your expression was priceless. I was kidding, of course; I'll go and print out your ticket immediately, if you still want it."

Still grinning, I said, "Certainly." Just as she got up, she turned in my direction and caught my eye once again to smile at me.

I didn't mean for it to happen, honest, but perhaps because I had done it so much right outside the shop, my mind immediately cried out, "SNEEZE!"

The pretty attendant obliged. Her expression changed from smiling to uncomfortable and she brought both hands to her face just in time to deliver the same, "Aaatishoo!" that had so thrilled me yesterday.

I blessed her, she nodded distractedly, and a second later she had disappeared behind a partition where I could hear a printer whirring away. She really was beautiful, I thought to myself. I had checked her left hand, and had seen her ring finger was bare. I wasn't doing anything that evening; could I be so bold as to ask this gorgeous creature out? Surely, she had a boyfriend, but then after I had purchased my ticket I had no reason ever to come into this shop again. I told myself I ought to take a chance and ask her out; after all, what did I have to lose? Besides, if I got to spend a few hours with her, I would surely get to see and hear that incredible sneeze again...

I used my Switch card to pay the bill and she handed over my tickets. In an insecure moment, I couldn't resist making her sneeze one more time as she did so, and it happened just as my hand touched hers to take the ticket, her face going from serene to surprised as the urge took her by storm and forced her into a resounding, "Aaahtissshhooo!"

I caught her hand as she did it, and when she looked up, her eyes seemed a bit troubled.

"Sorry," she whispered. "I seem to be getting the sneezes again."

Punctuated by a light sniffle, this sentence almost made me break out into goose bumps. I wanted her more than ever.

"You know," I said, "while you were out back, I got thinking to that joke you made about being hungry enough to eat my plane ticket, and I was wondering..."

My throat suddenly went dry, as I realized again how truly gorgeous she was. Her green eyes locked onto mine and wouldn't let go, and I saw her little pink tongue dart out to lick her lips. I had the strongest urge to make her sneeze again, just to break our intense eye contact, but managed to control myself.

"Yes?" she said.

"I was wondering," I cleared my throat before continuing, "whether you'd like to have dinner with me. You could... maybe tell me more about Cyprus, if you like."

"I'm sorry, Mister Moores, but I don't talk shop when I'm out on a date," she smiled. I felt my stomach drop, but then she continued. "Dinner sounds great. We'll just have to find something else to talk about!" That teasing smile was back on her face, and if such

a thing is possible with a woman you've only spent about thirty minutes with in total, it made me love her a little bit.

We made arrangements for me to pick her up outside the shop, as she said she had some spare clothing stored away in the staff room and would be ready by the time I arrived. I bid her goodbye, shaking her hand longer than strictly necessary, only letting go at long last when I looked her in the eyes a final time and thought, "SNEEZE". She didn't even have time to bring her hand to her mouth before exploding, "Aaatshhooo!" and again- as I thought "SNEEZE" immediately after- "Aaatishhooo!"

I bid her goodbye as I saw her begin to look about for some tissues, blushing and muttering about how she could only apologize for sneezing like that, so unladylike, must be an allergy of some sort, terribly sorry, etc. Though I had to hold my carrier bag in front of my lower body again as I exited, I smiled all the way home.

Five- Dinner with Jennifer

That evening, I dressed well, gave myself a close shave and spiked my hair. I looked pretty good, I must say, and was pleased to see her looking wonderful when I arrived. She had pulled her golden hair into a sexy, messy bun held up with an ethnic barrette, and had changed into a close fitting wine-coloured top- which didn't sport a 'Jennifer' nametag- and a short black skirt. Her legs were stunning now that they were no longer encased in her (I'm afraid to say rather dowdy) work uniform, and I was happier than ever to have plucked up the courage to ask her out.

"Well hello, Mister Moores."

"Call me Oliver, please. Very nice to see you again. You look like a different person outside of work!"

"Yeah," she laughed, "I am. That's why I don't want us to talk shop tonight."

We made our way to the restaurant; I had decided on Vesuvio, a bourgeois-yet-bohemian Italian place, with faux-marble flooring elegantly counterbalanced by ceiling-high wine bottle racks and candles. It was absolutely perfect for a first date, and I was gratified when Jennifer whispered her approval to me as we entered.

We didn't talk shop, but Jennifer did tell me about her trip to Cyprus, again assuring me I would have a great time. I couldn't resist sneaking my hand across the table to take hers every so often, but she rather seemed to like it so I didn't desist. We were rounding off the evening with tiramisu and cappuccino when things began to get more exciting- or take a turn for the worse, depending on what view you feel like taking. Jennifer and I had had a bottle of wine each as our dinner stretched out. Neither of us was drunk, I think, but we were definitely relaxed and happy.

The date was going well by anyone's standards; we had a lot in common, and just as I found her breathtakingly beautiful, I dare say she found me attractive as well. She was playing with a stray lock of hair that had fallen away from the rest, looking at me from under her lowered lashes, pursing her sensuous lips and frequently giving me saucy little smiles. As we sipped our coffee, our conversation still flowed, going in wilder and freer directions, and I began to wonder where this would lead. I worried that I would lose what little control I had; she was so enchanting, I couldn't bear to just let her slip away with a handshake at the end of the evening. I wanted to hold on to her a little bit longer. I wanted to stroke that soft-looking velvet top, and to see whether it would be put to shame by the softness beneath. I wanted to feel those long, long legs wrapped round my back. I wanted... well. I wanted to see her sneeze.

Jennifer was looking at me, a smile in her eyes, as though she had been able to read my thoughts. Well, right until they had brutally vied away from the traditional man's path of desires, anyway. Perhaps she was also imagining my hands running all over her body, but by then all of my attention had focused on her nose as my cup of coffee suddenly rejoined its saucer.

"SNEEZE!" I thought. "SNEEZE!"

And again, miraculously, she did. Her carefully coiffed head bowed backwards and then jerked forth as she delivered a moderately loud, "Aaatissshoo!" followed by another, "aaah-tisshoo!" and then, when the word "SNEEZE" burst into my head a third time, an even stronger, "haaatsshooo!"

She brought a hand to rub delicately at her nose, looking fractious as she said, "Oh no, I hope I'm not getting the sneezes again; this is simply dreadful. You know, I was so embarrassed today; I couldn't seem to help sneezing in front of you. But then, you left, and I was just fine!"

She said it without malice, without any sort of inflection really, but hearing her say those words chilled me and immediately forced me to get a grip. Had she caught on? No, the innocent- if vaguely irritated- look on her face as she rummaged through her evening bag to dig out a packet of tissues told me she hadn't noticed anything was amiss. Yet this had to be a warning, a sign that I had to tread lightly.

I made some trivial excuse and went to the men's room, where I bathed my face in cold water. Patting my face dry with a paper towel, I scowled at myself in the mirror, and then gave my reflection a stern, semi-drunken five-minute lecture about behaving properly, no matter how much I wanted to get this beautiful creature between my sheets. I had just about finished this barely controlled rant when I heard a toilet flush behind me, at which point I promptly exited.

Jennifer, smiling, was waiting for me at the table, as was the bill- accompanied by my credit card. Having signed it, we both left Vesuvio in excellent spirits once more. As it seemed fairly obvious that we didn't want the evening to end quite yet, I invited her back to mine for a nightcap. When I saw her looking doubtful, I assured her it wasn't far, and that I would behave like a perfect gentleman, but it didn't take too much effort to convince her, and before long we were on our way back to my small but cosy central flat.

Six- At Home

I took her coat and led her into the living room.

"Amaretto?" I suggested as she sat down, crossing her legs and- did I imagine it?- rubbing them together, as she gave me an appraising look.

"Yes, why not?" she replied. "Let's keep it Italian!"

I went to the kitchen and poured us both an amaretto on ice (it was fortunate she had agreed, for it was either that or a less than classy can of Boddington's- I hadn't quite outgrown my student bachelor habits, although I'd spruced the flat up a bit and ostentatiously placed a few impressive-looking volumes where it mattered, before going out for dinner. Sad, I know, but effective).

When I re-entered the room, I found her staring dreamily at a painting on my wall. "It's nice," she said, pointing to the abstract tableau as I handed her a chilled glass.

"Thank you. It was a gift from a friend," I said, carefully not mentioning Christine's name.

"He's very talented," Jennifer said, smiling at me as she sipped her drink. "And you're very..." She let the sentence hang unfinished as she gave me another of her famous, teasing grins.

I couldn't resist the bait. "Charming? Appealing? Irresistible? Sexier than Ron Jeremy?"

I won a giggle for my efforts, and then Jennifer turned serious. "Be careful," she said, and her expression immediately reminded me of the one she'd adopted in the shop that same afternoon. "With all those tasty qualities, I might just get hungry again," she giggled, "and maybe I'd just have to eat you up!"

"Well, I can't think of a better way to die, Madam, than by your lips," I said, attempting a Clark Gable impersonation.

"Oh! Is that so?" she purred, setting down her glass- which I quickly noticed she had emptied- and approaching me. I drained my own glass in turn. It was fortunate that I did, as Jennifer and I were kissing seconds later.

My instincts had been correct; this girl was a treasure. Not only was she beautiful and vivacious, she was the best kisser I'd ever come in contact with. Her lips felt incredibly soft against mine as she teased me with feather-light kisses, and when I finally grew so bold as to part them with my tongue, the caressing response was enough to make me shiver with delight. She tasted of sweet almonds, a lingering trace of cappuccino, and something that was entirely her own. Essence of Jennifer- and whatever it was, it was intoxicating.

Maybe it was a double shot of Amaretto mixed with a bottle of wine, but I was completely under her spell, and when we finally broke off our kissing, it was clear that we were both aching to go further. My underwear was feeling uncomfortably restrictive, and there was no mistaking the flush on Jennifer's cheeks or the sultry cast of her slightly parted lips. At that moment, there was nothing in the world I wanted more than to make love to her.

Or maybe I should say 'almost nothing', for by then, my inexhaustible hunger for female sneezes had reared its head once again. I gazed deep into Jennifer's wide green eyes and softly, like a silent prayer, the word "SNEEZE" formed in my mind.

She squirmed away from me, obviously fighting a very short, losing battle, and a second later she had both hands in front of her mouth and nose as she exploded with a muted, "ah-tishoo!" It was music to my ears, and fire in my blood. I saw her getting ready to apologize, but I didn't let her. I placed my lips on hers and kissed her again. I slipped my hands carefully under her top, giving her time to stop me if she wanted to, but she clearly didn't, so I continued. I had been right; whilst the wine-coloured velvet was pleasing to the touch, her silk-smooth skin was even more so, and to cup her breasts and feel her nipples harden under my touch was ecstasy.

I could feel Jennifer prying my shirt loose from my trousers and slipping her hands up my back. A fair retaliation; I do like women with spirit. As soon as I felt her warm palms rubbing against my skin, I knew I couldn't wait to experience their touch elsewhere. We were caressing, exploring, warm and eager as we kissed on and on, until again, I just had to do it. I looked into her eyes, and willed for her to "SNEEZE." For the first time, she pinched her nose shut to do it, so that the sneeze emerged sounding like "hup-uhhh", the latter part more like a sigh than a sneeze. This wouldn't do! I tried it again, but once more Jennifer stifled it, as if afraid that a sneeze let loose would completely ruin the mood. "Hup-uhhh..."

I was getting rather vexed, even more heated than previously; I wanted, no, needed to hear her sneeze out loud, an irrepressible explosion which even she couldn't quite stop. I silently screamed, "SNEEZE!" very loudly and forcefully inside my head, so that this time, she couldn't hold it in no matter how hard she tried. And lo and behold, it worked. She looked a little bit dazed for a second, her fingers still gripping her nose, as if assailed this time by a truly monstrous tickle. It was so big that it took a few seconds to burst out of her; her mouth hung open expectantly as she drew in air, her chest expanding as much as it could in order to provide enough breath for this massive oncoming explosion. Her eyes closed and she gripped her nose tighter than ever, but it was no use, for the sneeze was so big that at the last minute, it blasted its way out of her despite her best efforts to keep it down.

"Ahh... hah-ahh... Ahhh... AaaaaahTISSSSHOOOOO!"

It was so strong as to make her sit bolt upright, her forehead colliding with my still-covered chest. It was so delightful as to turn my already adequate erection into a truly noble monument to sexual resurrection. But my lovely Jennifer was incredibly embarrassed, at what she perceived to be unforgivable- if involuntary- rudeness.

"Oh, I am SO sorry," she fretted, wiping at a large, warm damp spot on the front of my shirt. The poor lovely girl was nearly in tears. By anyone's standards, this wouldn't do.

"It's okay, I don't mind," I said rather feebly- the understatement of the century.

"I mind!" she exclaimed. "That was terrible! My nose just tickled so all of a sudden, I really had to sneeze. But I shouldn't have done it on you. I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry, it's all forgotten," I lied. "It could happen to anyone."

"Must be some sort of weird allergy," she said. "Are you wearing cologne or anything?"

Understandably, I really didn't want to stray too far down that path, and I was still desperate to try and get intimate with her, so I just shook my head and began kissing her again, giving myself a mental slap on the wrist for nearly blowing it. It took a few moments, but eventually Jennifer relaxed again, and soon enough we regained that easy sensuality and steadily growing passion we had been enjoying before.

Seven- The Imperfect Enjoyment

Finally naked, we made our way to my bed, where she laid me on my back and climbed on top. I had a spectacular view as she slid me inside her and began to ride, her head thrown slightly back, her eyes closed, her beautiful breasts bobbing up and down; I reached up to fondle them, and she moaned appreciatively. Jennifer was obviously enjoying the ride, and I was extremely pleased to find out she was neither shy nor quiet in bed. She moaned appreciatively when I shifted in a certain way, or when my hips rose up to meet her thrusts, calling my name as her pleasure increased. I kept my eyes fixed on her, not wanting to miss a single second of this wonderful, out-of-my-life experience. I had never had the pleasure of bedding a girl this beautiful, and even as I was doing it, a part of me wondered whether I ever would again. I was getting fairly near to orgasm when Jennifer climaxed; she arched her back on top of me, her entire body going taut as she kept up her up-and-down motion as best she could. She gave a loud groan, deeper and rawer than her previous moaning.

She was beautiful like that, with her eyes tightly shut...

Her eyes tightly shut.

That last detail caught my attention, and it began to gnaw at the back of my mind. Suddenly, I was desperate for her to open her eyes, to look at me. I wanted her to do it, needed her to do it, in order to reach my climax. And even though at that moment, I felt a pang of self-loathing because of it, I realized that I really, really wanted her to do something else in order to truly make this the best sexual encounter of my entire life.

"SNEEZE," I willed, "SNEEZE!"

But she wasn't looking at me, and so it didn't work. The words merely echoed around the otherwise silent space inside my head, rebounding and ricocheting until they became so loud as to be intolerable, completely filling my thoughts and driving out any small remainder of self-control.

"SNEEZE!" I thought. "Look at me and SNEEZE, damn it!"

And then, as the tide of her pleasure went out, Jennifer's breathing became more regular and she finally made the mistake of opening those big green eyes. She stared up at me, giving me a smile that was pure sweetness and light. I'm ashamed to say that by then, my intentions were rather more darkness and lust.

As soon as eye contact was established, I let loose my inner demon.

"SNEEZE" I thought.

Jennifer's smile faded and her up and down motion became sluggish as she concentrated on the sensation inside her nose. "Aaatisshoo!" The exquisite tightening of her muscles around my shaft made my arousal climb up another rung on the lust ladder. She shook her head, giving me a 'let's pretend this didn't happen' look, and resumed her riding speed. I, however, was not quite satisfied.

She was still looking at me, so I took advantage of that fact and thought, "SNEEZE," with more insistence this time. The effect was immediate. Again, Jennifer's motions slowed as I got another excellent, full-frontal view of this beautiful girl letting loose with a rather forceful, unrestrained sneeze. I felt her inner muscles tense around me as she prepared to do it, and then give a definitive clench as it took a hold of her. "Aah... Aaaatisshooooo!"

I could barely control myself; even if she stopped moving entirely, just the clenching and unclenching would be enough to push me over the edge in one of the most powerful climaxes I had ever had.

I needed another sneeze, desperately, and when she opened her eyes again, I had just enough time to say, "Don't stop," as I looked at her and simultaneously thought, "SNEEZE, SNEEZE, SNEEZE!" with all my strength.

Jennifer nodded and did her best to resume her up-and-down, but she got that same look on her face as when we had been in the next room and I had mentally yelled out "SNEEZE" to her so strongly.

She looked as though her nose was tickling terribly, but the tickle was just so big that it was having trouble coalescing into the small, fine point necessary for it to be expelled in a truly satisfying sneeze. It was so soft, the sound almost passed me by, but I could distinctly see the movement of her lips as she whispered, "Oh no, oh no..."

Jennifer's vulnerability was simply spectacular. It's hard to explain, but somehow she looked even more naked than she was, the look on her face exquisite, all her pleasure and energy trapped in what must have been a truly monstrous tickle. She had nowhere to run or hide as she sat practically impaled on top of me, getting ready to deliver that sneeze I was so desperately craving. I could feel my erection, so hard as to be almost painful, twitching inside her in preparation. I think at that moment we were both so on edge, explosions were imminent on both sides.

"SNEEZE!" I almost shouted. "SNEEZE, SNEEZE, SNEEZE!"

And then, it started. It was like sitting in a roller-coaster wagon when the carts are going slowly up, up, higher and higher, until your ears pop and you are panting with excitement, your heart jack hammering inside your chest so strongly that you're afraid you're going to collapse. That's how I felt in that moment, as I watched the sneeze taking hold of my beautiful Jennifer.

Her face contorted, her expression so tortured as to look almost frightened. Her lips parted, trembling slightly, and her nostrils flared wider and wider as she breathed in the air needed to fuel that massive sneeze. Her hands were loosely draped on my sides, as mine were tightly clenching the sheets, and I could feel her muscles gripping my shaft in the most exquisitely moist, tight grip yet. I was like a gun with hair-trigger, so on the brink of exploding I was afraid of losing it before it was time. Like a slow-motion camera, I mentally recorded every millisecond of this most intensive build-up; every quiver of her chin, every flare of her nostrils, every shake of her breasts was captured and filed away inside my mind, immortalized. Her breath caught, and finally, both she and I were ready.

"Haaah... Aaaaah... HAAATIIISSSSHOOOO!" Another intake of air, more of a gasp really, and she did it again. "AAAATSSSSHHOOOOO!"

After that second sneeze, I felt my orgasm beginning, and gave a loud involuntary groan. It was without a doubt the single best orgasm I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I felt the warmth rush, hot and liquid, up and out of me, jetting into Jennifer's dark, tightly contracted warmth just as she was winding up for a third and final, "AAATIIISSSSHOOOOOOO!"

Spent, I lay back, breathing hard. Jennifer promptly got off me, using tissues from the box on my night table to blow her nose and clean herself up. She was lost a flurry of completely unnecessary apologies. "Oh lord, did it again, didn't meant to sneeze, so sorry, must be allergic, I..."

I was barely listening, still so caught up in the aftermath of that incredible orgasm. It was the silence at the end of that unfinished run-on sentence that caught my attention.


"It's you!" She cried, looking dismayed as she began to pick up abandoned items of clothing. "You're making me sneeze!"

I cringed, instantly coming down. I felt my stomach sink, as though I was in an elevator whose cables had snapped. I had been caught out! She knew everything! What on earth was I going to do?

I said the only thing that popped into my mind. "No, there must be some mistake!"

But Jennifer just shook her head with the assurance of one who has seen the light. "No, Oliver, don't you see? I only sneeze like that when I'm with you! In the shop, and then at supper, on the couch when we were kissing, and then just now when we... when you... Oh, this is terrible!"

I tried to crawl under the covers, so she wouldn't see the full extent of my naked shame. I went for broke, still pursuing the denial tactic. "That's not true, that's just-"

Jennifer rolled over me. "Oliver, I'm sorry, but this is the only possible explanation. I'm allergic to you!"

I did a double take. You... you what?"

Jennifer nodded as she put her clothes back on. "I'm allergic to you. I'm sure I read something about that, about it being possible to have an allergy to someone. It's the only possible reason why I always sneeze when I'm with you!" She paused, fitting her skirt over her tights. "Look, let's try it." And incredibly enough, she came near me, sniffling like a bloodhound. This whole scene was so crazy that I had to bite the inside of my cheek hard to keep from laughing. Still, she was obviously waiting for it to happen, for she was still sniffing at me and looking me in the eye, so I thought I would help her theory and my alibi by thinking, "SNEEZE."

And she did. "Aaaatishoo!"

Relieved, she sniffed, smiled, and said, "See? I smelled you and I sneezed again."

I smiled along with her, incredibly relieved that Jennifer had come to this conclusion. I was all set to tell her not to worry about it, that we'd find away around this unexpected 'problem', when suddenly, she looked sad and turned away from me.

"You know, this is a real shame," she said, putting her top on again. "I really liked you, Oliver. I think we could have had something together."

"What do you mean, 'could have'?" I asked, moving out of the bed to dress myself again as well.

"Well, obviously I can't keep on seeing you if I'm allergic to you, can I?" she asked, as if she thought I was silly for not having figured this out on my own. "It just won't do to have me sneeze my head off like that every time we're near each other, will it?"

Oh, God, it would! I ached to tell her so, but obviously, I couldn't.

There was only one thing left to say, I realized as I tugged my trousers back on. "You're right, of course. It's a shame. I had a wonderful time with you tonight, Jennifer."

"I did too, honestly." She was walking to the door, and the only thing to do was accompany her. "I'll get a cab," she smiled, as I opened the door for her. "No hard feelings, Oliver? Friends?"

I hate that word when it's uttered by a beautiful girl- the girl of my dreams, really. I knew I was never going to be friends with her.

"Friends," I said, smiling as I bent to kiss her on the cheek. And then, right after, and just so I'd have a last little something to remember her by, I thought, "SNEEZE."

I hadn't put much effort into it, and Jennifer's resulting sneeze was a light, soft goodbye.


I closed the door on her, and realized that whilst I had thought of my granted wish as a blessing, perhaps it could also be a curse. Because of it, I had lost Jennifer and possibly a bright future which we could have had together. I was quite low when I tucked into bed for good that night amidst the rumpled sheets, but at least I'd have the memory of her and our incredible night together.

Eight- The Aftermath

It's now a year since my first experience with Jennifer, and I've got another partner, who I only make sneeze very occasionally. I haven't told her about my gift, and will never need to tell her...she has some really sexy friends, and I just love making them sneeze from time to time too. If she knew, I would be history. But, seriously, as I can control myself more these days, I will now admit I am so glad to have helped that man with his car, and that my wish came true. Sometimes I still think about Jennifer, and what might have happened if I'd only learnt the mystery of moderation a little sooner- but then, I always think that I'd never have had the courage to ask her out, if she hadn't been the first woman to inspire my gift.

I'm only human and I can't forget a night like that, though I really don't dwell on it much. The way I see it, that's life. We change, we adapt, we learn. And sometimes, we just get lucky.

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