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sneezy morning (self - f)


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I woke up this morning to a phone call which I naturally ignored because I refuse to answer a call at 7am on a Saturday. However, I was greeted by a little fit of sneezes. "hashoo! hashoo!"..."hashoo! hashoo!"..."hashoo! hashoo!" Bleh!! I got up and went to go blow my nose, and I was really annoyed that I was awake now, but when I got to the bathroom I started sneezing again. "hashoo! hashoo! hashoo! shoo!" I sneezed that last little group into my hands and got them fairly...umm...moist.

If I'm getting sick again I'm going to kill someone because that's NOT fair.

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I love morning fits :bleh: but only because they are always someone else's :( bless you bless you.

Oh and I also hope you're not getting sick, because if you think it's not fair, then I think it's not fair either! power to the people! better immunity system for everyone a selected group of people! (what? if I say for everyone I'll be pretty much shooting my own foot...).

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