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R. Sneezes in France (m)


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Hi guys and girls,

I was re-reading some old threads this morning and one of them was talking about sneezing and temperature changes, and reminded me of this old story of R. that I thought you might like.

Five of us were in France for the week - Me, S and S's daughter, and R. and his girlfriend. I think it was springtime, and it was rather chillier than we'd expected in the Dordogne. On this day in particular, when we'd travelled further inland to a little town, that I forget the name of, it was quite cold, and none of us had dressed for it. R's girlfriend was frozen, and had been talking about stopping to buy a coat.

We had lunch and then came out into the cold again. R's girlfriend was walking on ahead, and S. and his daughter were trailing behind, so R. and I were able to snatch some time to walk together. He stopped to look in a shop window and I waited for him, and watched him sneeze. "HUH-USHOOO!" he went, into both hands. He didn't look up at me after the sneeze until I said, "Bless you!" Then he turned and came towards me, smiling at me, and held my eye as the second sneeze manifested. It was lovely to have eye contact with him while the sneeze built up and then he closed them as his head thrusted forwards with a violent "ASHHOOOO!" into his hands again. "Bless you!" I said again and as he fell into step next to me he excused himself.

I said, "Maybe you need to get a warm coat too,"

"Just acclimatising," replied R. "I should have taken my jumper off in the restaurant."

So I guess that temperature change needs adding to the list of things that make him sneeze! Swoon!



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I'd like to think that just being in France brings out the best sneezes in people...

Temperature changes can be very effective for some people. I remember years ago our new administrative officer (blond chap in his 20s) came into my office while I had the window open and within 30 seconds let out a big double. Change in temperature, he said.

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